Before the first morning glow

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‘ Starting the expedition in the morning, the guest will travel to his hometown in sorrow.. Every time I read Wen tingyun’s song about participating in Shangshan morning travel regulations, […]

Autumn whispers

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– The weather was fine this morning when you visited Tai Chi Island, and with days of overtime, you were bored and anxious and rarely came out for a walk.. […]

April fool’s day

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[ Original Text ]The years of spring and autumn rose and fell with the songs of joys and sorrows.. A leaf of duckweed returns to the sea and lives with […]

A letter to myself in April

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Know that you like quiet words; Like the light rain and mist in April; Like the amorous Jiangnan. Lightly opening the door of the window, a breeze outside the window […]

40 and confused ( 2 ) )

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I am not a full fatalist, but I also agree that people should speak of nature.. A person’s life is ordered by what family he was born in, what environment […]

Simple folk

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The simple folkway keeps one person from water and soil, and the island of Ammozhou, a sea-bound island, also breeds a group of hospitable villagers.. The fifteen, we arrived at […]

Hometown care

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One mountain and one water is not as good as Guilin’s landscape, but it is also a love that I can’t give up from the bottom of my heart. Like […]

Father’s Pride

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Father’s Pride Symbol Son got a job in a beautiful seaside city after graduating from college.   For this reason, the father in the countryside often said to others with a […]


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