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Improvement of interpersonal relationship and utilization of psychological age

Improvement of interpersonal relationship and utilization of psychological age

People often hear people say “hey, people are not old and old” or “you are so naive when you are so old”, these are actually the problems of people’s “psychological age” and physical age do not match.

  The level of “psychological age” is closely related to heredity, personality, experience, environment and other factors, and even affected by recent mood and other factors.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the “psychological age”, and there is no absolute good or bad.

For example, a person whose “psychological age” is below the physical age will experience childish juveniles, which is not conducive to personal social survival and growth, but his mentality is usually simple and happy.,一个 “心理年龄”远大于实际年龄的人,虽然会给人感觉成熟稳重,但由于城府过深,很难与同龄的人有相互的理解与共同的语言。
  In fact, “psychological age” is not a “fixed value”, it can be changed.

If we can apply this change with some care, we can improve various “sliding rheostats” that are difficult to communicate “offset”.

  If we treat children, we will naturally use “kids’ tone” to communicate with them. At this time, we are lowering our “psychological age” to a level close to the other party, so we will not feel there are communication barriers.

  As another example, we often find it difficult to communicate with our parents as adults.

That’s because, in the eyes of parents, we will always be children.

Sometimes we wishfully find that our parents “enjoy the good fortune”, but ignore what the “blessing” they think is.

Your parents’ love for you does not disappear with your age.

If they really don’t need them to give you, miss and give directions, I am afraid they feel more than enjoying happiness without losing.

Therefore, in the presence of elders, we must appropriately display the physiological “psychological age”.

  Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the “psychological age” of each age group. In dealing with people of different ages and personalities, this will lead to use and complement each other, which will make you more comfortable in interpersonal relationships.