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[How long does the potato cook?]_ How to cook_How to cook

[How long does the potato cook?]_ How to cook_How to cook

Potatoes are the ingredients we often use, and there are many kinds of dishes made with potatoes. The taste is also various. The different snacks of potatoes satisfy everyone’s appetite, and potatoes become richNutritional content is also very necessary for human health, so how long can we cook potatoes when we make them?

Come and learn with Xiaobian.

How long you can cook potatoes depends on the size and quantity of the potatoes, as well as the pot and the size of the heat.

If you cook a plate of small potato pieces in an ordinary pot, it will take about three to five minutes to boil over high heat.

If you cook four or five medium ones in an ordinary pot, it will take fifteen to twenty minutes.

Use a high fire to boil and then change to a low fire, but it is best to use chopsticks halfway.

Tips for cooking potatoes: Potatoes are one of the home cooking ingredients, and there are countless ways to cook potatoes.

Potatoes are crispy and nutritious. Expert studies have found that eating 5-6 potatoes per person per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.

First, potatoes need to be boiled over low heat to be fully cooked.

If you simmer on fire, the outer layer is severely rotten or even cracked, but it is raw. This is a particularly important point in cooking potatoes.

Second, when peeling potato dishes, only a thin layer should be peeled, because the juice under the potato skin is rich in protein.

If the peeled potatoes are not cooked immediately, they should be dipped in cold water to avoid darkening.

But do not soak for too long, so as not to lose the nutrients in it.

Third, the surface of potatoes that have been stored for a long time often has blue and cyan spots, which is not beautiful when garnished.

If you put some vinegar in boiling water (one tablespoon per thousand potatoes), the spots will disappear.

Fourth, peeled potatoes should be stored in cold water, then add any vinegar to the water to taste the potatoes do not change color.

Fifth, the powdered potatoes rot as soon as they are boiled.

If it is used for cold mixing or making diced potatoes, you can add pickled hay or vinegar to the boiling water of the potatoes, and the potatoes will remain intact after cooking.

Six, soak the new potatoes in hot water, and then into cold water, then it is easy to peel the skin and use it for cooking.