Be a real civilized

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Block in Taiwan have called peak Yushan.When she was on the mountain, it has already had a taste of Wei Jun US Kailash, Karakoram, Himalayas.Therefore, when someone exclaimed Yushan really […]

BBK first meal of fried rice cakes

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Son started reading, March 5 Kusakabe half semester begins.  In our house, the breakfast has been very important, because I always thought that breakfast must eat well.Start your day with all […]

Bayberry love

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REVIEW hours, most of Murakami’s children grow up on the hill in front of the play.Production team in the mountains there are many, many kinds of fruit trees, oranges, peaches, […]

Bayberry and fishing

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[Editor’s note: “Dragon Boat Festival Bayberry hanging branches, the beginning of summer mountain red bayberry”.Yangmei season, but also a sense of loss feelings of homesickness moment we are, but we […]

Bay of impartiality

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In the ancient Greek city of Athens, a warrior called Norris, he animosities, designed for poor people to succeed, loved by the people.  Members of a man named Cyril happens, hated […]

Bay dam in winter

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REVIEW baishuihe in flows quietly in the corner of the river to the mountains left a pool of green water lake, from the mountainside overlooking the green bead is like […]

Bauhinia Taiwan Sketches

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Bauhinia Taiwan as one of “seven of the eight” Old Chen states, for many years by virtue of its own magical legend show the world the temptation.    Bauhinia station is located […]

Bauhinia flowers

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Campus Bauhinia opened again.    I’m holding crippled foot, step by step toward April Redbud trees in full bloom.Tree Bauhinia tree accompanied me for many years.Standing under a tree, feel the slightest […]


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