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Accustomed to loose, forget the joy.  Accustomed to the lonely, lonely forgotten.  Accustomed to the pressure, forget the power.  Accustomed to forbear, forget the tolerance.  Accustomed to hardship, forgotten suffer.  Accustomed Xu Qing, pretending to […]

Corner With You

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Corner six months time you will so quietly slipped away, there have been depressed, sad, but also happy and moved. Think of that has been given me smile, as I […]

Corner With Love

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“I like to follow you, whatever you take me to where.”The kids like this like his brothers and sisters around the turn, and they play together.Every time the bell sounded, […]

Corner With Love

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Cold wind is blowing, I’m going to night classes at the door just out of school, came to the intersection of the cross, then I saw the familiar figure under […]

Corner With Love

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“Ugh!This kid is not reading the material.”Parents disappointed shook his head and sighed,” all day long only know to play, do not give me a troublemaker on Oh Amitabha Buddha.”Thin […]

Corner smile

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Their mind is not clear exactly where the food stalls put how long, every morning is riding electric cars and galloped off, they have not noticed, there is no interest […]

Corner resist negative

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White bed, white light, white walls, monotonous white, shades ward.  Sniffing the air pungent odor, he closed his eyes in pain again.  This year, he finally got the dedicated who is extremely […]

Corner of maternal love

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Hey, Mom, how’s body?Okay?He Zhu phone in hand, pacing back and forth in the office.  Well, good, good mother body yet, when you are free to come back ah?Phone over there, […]


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