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Part One: heartstrings gently pushed cinnabar window and saw the sunset, so soft, warm.And look, my heart can not help but melodious, looked looked, how much sorrow I?Look back at […]

Hearts · Histories

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How many times we fall into the busy years of prehistoric natural, life experience abjection Journey, does not require much drowsy emotion, pessimism can be Shiran.It is the perfect catalyst […]

Hearts snow

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Part One: Staring in the hearts of snow lingering autumn, at the rhythm of nearly a month.It is like a knot in the melancholy woman, unknowingly telling the sad hearts, […]

Heartless person

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[REVIEW] I hope young friends, in consideration of marriage and family time, more calm, a little more thought, more of a liability.Do not over-covet each other’s beauty, do not over-emphasis […]

Heartbroken love affair pity

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REVIEW Yuwen your family in this time Xiao Lian playing, touch environment hygiene conditions, so that she might think of the scene when the former emperor to play without worry, […]

Heartbeat article

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Part One: rapid heartbeat stopped Benz pace, stroking his chest, feeling the heartbeat, whether it tells.I Fall in love with running, running very real process.When run all the way, blood […]


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[Part One: It hurts] afternoon autumn sun, play the final of charm, squeeze my window.According to did not change in the warm body of cold-blooded heart, frustrated several flower petals […]


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A: Encourage warm heart a few days ago, wanted to see the county party secretary, county Cheng Shuji very politely said: “I have too many things today, would you please […]

Heart with Mengfei

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Part one: the heart with the inscription Mengfei: I miss distance measurement by breathing, by the month ending child divination Past and Present.Looking back, a meteor across the Sky.Heart, with […]


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