Who's Who at during sex really so important to you

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  The process of sex Who Who really so important to you under the traditional ideas, the ideal way of making love is undoubtedly the man in the woman the next, because this will enable men who remain active, and have a more intense desire to conquer; in fact, in experts, sex should be the ideal way to have on there, the ups and downs fishes; because in order to allow more interaction between keeping each other, but also retain more fun。
The process of sex Who Who really so important to you at perfect sex, both spouses need more interaction, but in some women it seems, sex is a silly thing, I feel their role is lying below, bear all。 How to get a man on top, she can live with。 With bear to look at nature, it is basically wrong mentality。
  So why should men take the initiative from the start flirting, as if all men do, and, to that critical moment, he must have sufficient hardness to enter, after which they do dozens of push-ups, there should be more tired more tired。
Of course, they love to take the initiative, but occasionally let them be a passive person, lying in bed mercy, it should be a good change。

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