Market depth adjustment Stocks have a chance next week

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Just in micro and fans in the exchange of letters, many of my friends say that today's decline is to hurt。 When it comes to surprise, I served only A shares。
In fact, before I continue on the Japanese home again and prompt influence policy ceiling。 But the heavy regulatory efforts will always be-expected。
Especially in burst?After the batter。 Yesterday, two rare species of special stop we have seen。 But obviously this is not a regulation for all。 Steel Association yesterday evening announced that over a period of time independent of rising steel prices and improved supply and demand。
Earlier, Rare Earth Association also issued a notice, requiring the Group to reduce the six stockpile speculation, reducing rare earth price fluctuations。
The same also last night, special stop resumption of Zhongfu Industry, bulletin sales fell 55%。
One of the leading rare earth resources and Sheng announcement said: uncertainty rare earth prices rose late。 I can only say that this is a combination of boxing sharp。
Is also affected by this factor, resource products fell across the board。 For resource varieties trend, we think first of all, this is at least the past two months, the market is definitely the main varieties。
So the depth of funds involved is hard to imagine a lot of ordinary investors。
Therefore, we believe that even if the funds to completely abandon this forum, it is difficult to choose regardless of the cost of selling。 Secondly, for many core leader, boosting prices for the performance of a fait accompli, this is the announcement can not be changed。 These two effects are likely to panic down at the heel end had manifested。 Secondly, resources, goods go on, other species and up。 Today must say that the male form Erlongxizhu Ann GEM trend。 Male Ann finally appeared first assists limit the brother, inspired design limit assists Fu Huang Steel, Dragon Pipe, board space industry is ready to assists the。
An breed male is not for everyone before we did resolve, because at that time compared to male security, resource materials is also politically correct, but the performance is more visible and tangible recovery。 But with the current regulatory changes in wind direction, you have to pay attention to male security。
Today, funds for political correctness, are beginning to call into the corresponding male security, and with the party is always right。

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