The six food easily lead to dysmenorrhea, you know a few?(1)

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  I had a sister knows what living death, the kind of speech can not be pain, pain in your life doubt。Know cold food cold or flu can cause menstrual wading dysmenorrhea, everyone knows, these six food is the culprit causing dysmenorrhea!  ① sugar will consume vitamin B and minerals in the body, and make the stomach more likely to eat carbohydrate foods。  ② caffeinated beverages caffeine can cause anxiety, irritability, mood swings, while consuming storage of vitamin B, destruction of carbohydrate metabolism。  ③ wine reception consume vitamin B and minerals in the body, but also damage will destroy the metabolism, causing negative emotions。
  ④ cheese foods。
  Cheese is a curse, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, eggs and other foods will destroy the absorption of magnesium, causing dysmenorrhea。
  ⑤ high-sodium foods can cause breast swelling, tenderness。  ⑥ high-fat food cattle, pigs and high-fat foods, eating too much the body will consume a lot of minerals。
  Prevention Prevention 1.Menstruation warm and avoid exposure to cold and flu period。
  2.Fasting during menstruation and cold food cold。Menstrual ban swimming, bath, cold bath。  3.Keep the vagina clean, menstrual hygiene。
  4.Regulating Emotions, keeping the spirit of mind, eliminate the fear。  Fives.In case of severe, and even fainting, should be warm, re antispasmodic analgesics。  6.Drink hot milk。As every night before going to bed to drink a glass of warm milk, add a spoonful of honey can ease。  7.Yoga, bending, and other movements relax the muscles and nerves more relaxed, and physical enhancement will help improve menstrual pain。  8.Actively properly check and treatment of gynecological diseases, menstrual period should try to avoid doing unnecessary gynecological examination and a variety of surgery to prevent bacterial infections up。Suffering from gynecological diseases, aggressive treatment to eliminate the risks caused。

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