Let men lasting sex tips

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So that men sex lasting sex tips what are believed to be too short a time many men heart pain, many people are annoying this matter。 So how can men make sex last longer then following small so that men bring lasting sex tips for everyone, Come and learn with it!Men sex lasting method shown in Figure 1, put down the psychological burden Do not feel embarrassed for the pursuit of the climax, if retained the hearts of the idea will obstacles。
If you think you should not enjoy sex, naturally difficult to achieve orgasm。
In fact, the climax itself is to let the body relax so as to be happy, put down the psychological burden, in order to open the door of happiness。
2, say to yourself "I can do" for a long time not for pleasure, some people may think it is their climax switch is out。 Experts believe that everyone is able to have an orgasm, we must first rule out concerns, believe in yourself and your partner, you say to yourself "I can do"。
3, process control techniques reactions excited lasting sex so that men are divided into four phases: excitement phase, duration, peak period, resolution phase。 For a more lasting strong, the key is to recognize the emotional upheaval of the whole process of sex, his own state into an exciting period of 1-10 grades, do not let yourself get too excited, excitement can be maintained at around 7。
4, strong "resistance" movement to strengthen the control ejaculation muscles, interrupting the outflow of urine or allows you to perceive where these muscles when to hold back, then take the "Kegel exercises" to exercise these parts, namely the buttocks and pelvic floor contraction muscles for 10 seconds and then relax, repeated several times。

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