Teach you how to make authentic French red vinegar

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Eat in some restaurants in France, sometimes'll see listed on the menu, certain salad with homemade vinegar restaurants, this is the famous French red vinegar。
Inventory of vinegar in the world, is not that a charming can be as eclectic as this French red vinegar, usually brewed gooseberry ,,, blackberry, fruity, little splash of peach, aftertaste heart shake rapture, meaning intoxicated soul drunk。 With cabbage flowers, white radish, white bamboo shoots and other vegetables, food color counterparts, eclectic mixing of the entire table。
Ingredients: 1000 g a raspberry sauce 130 g sugar or white wine vinegar 100 g granulated sugar 320 ml of white vinegar practice French red raspberry vinegar Vinaigre, DE, framboise1, L (left), vinegar, desired materials, formulations and other fruits completely cooked raspberry same approach (also frozen), 1,5 kg of white wine vinegar, Vinaigre, DE, VIN, rose wine or cognac, 20 ml sugar (more crystal sugar kai), 130 g raspberry mounted to practice in a large container (with a large bottle cap best), pour wine vinegar pickled, and sealed with plastic wrap, not breathable, marinated in the refrigerator after 24 hours soaking, raspberry color white is normal。
Vinegar and the separated pulp can be used colander, but do not squeeze raspberry, soup, avoiding。
I put him in a bag, let her go slowly drop!The key can be used for pulp vinegar vinaigrette sauce if after the original tender filter is crystal clear, this is the same good color of the finished product。
Again with plastic wrap and let the good vinaigrette original sealed, in the refrigerator and then save 24 hours to find a large pot, add water, and then find a pot, pour the vinegar in a small saucepan original, plus sugar and cognac (wine ), please do not begrudge here with good wine, the finished product will give you the perfect return。
I use the 70 Year Old Cognac (water bath method, in the fire, slowly boil until sugar dissolves so far。 Temperature should not exceed 90 degrees, 89 degrees provided I, without intermediate mixing, we doing the doing to!Reaches a preset temperature, transfer a small fire slightly, stirring carefully about the heating was continued for a few minutes on it) after cooling Daizhi good vinegar, fruit vinegar with a cotton filter bottling in the low temperature can save seven days, It should be eaten as soon as possible。 You may find that a little brown sediment in the bottom, which is normal, because we are using far less sophisticated filtering tools factory, but the flavor is absolutely hundreds of times stronger than the factory White Asparagus fight to the skin, cut the old stems, looking for a large pot, add water, the water is boiling, add white Asparagus, if you want better taste, you can add the right amount of white wine。 White Asparagus cooked until soft, remove and had ice water, drain, pour vinegar on it。

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