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    Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics companies – such as the company (Applied Materials) and NXP (NXP) – are making our bodies will change the equipment, the environment or mode of transportation。
  The world around us will soon be a space that affect our lives, our bodies and affect our experience of sound and light equipment engulfed by the power of these devices from the semiconductor and micro-engine combination of innovation。
Such as smart phones to charge, boiled eggs like a simple task, such as scanning and complexity of colorectal cancer or provide the impetus for long-distance flying UAVs and so on will be changed。
  By the ability to stimulate the signal into binary data, gives the machine the sensor sense light, height, humidity。 The coming revolution will be filled with the opposite of the so-called actuators。
By converting binary data into some form of power, such as light, electromagnetic waves, or even be able to promote the physical pressure of the object, the actuator enables the machine to make our world simplification。
  Caused by sensor actuator as before, is part of the results of science and technology top to bottom search, the purpose is to allow the machine to do more and more things, more and more high efficiency, ever efficient information device that is typical microprocessor reflect。
  Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University associate professor of Sappho (PaulSaffo) that we spent five years time to build the brain of the computer (microprocessor), should now be given the appropriate muscles of these brain affect our world a。
  "We can just look at any heavy stuff, then do it small and inexpensive," says Sappho。
"The future is how we do more with less stuff。
"So the whole industry will be re-shaping。
For example, the fossil fuel markets will suffer a new setback, because electric vehicles can be charged with a simple charging board in such a way as to Apple Watch, like charging cradle。
  Life sciences market will have to adapt to the new world, in this world can be a capsule oral examination and treatment。
With the actuator can be very precisely move the robot and the wireless charging member so as to assume the task of producing more。
  In this faster, better, smarter world, winning will be companies like Applied Materials, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment company, is developing the use of innovative materials more efficient ways to use energy。 IntegratedDeviceTechnology Company (IDT) like history older analog chip company because of its ability to master the power of sport and gain new importance。 Star newly listed companies, such as wireless energy companies Energous, as its products become reality will gain an advantage。 The company has created more actuators revolution is not yet available。
  Take this stupid microwave devices for instance。
In a conference room chipmaker NXP Arizona office building, a few microwave put together make presentations。
The company in charge of departments and emerging applications of RF cooking Visa (DanViza) shows that the company hopes to chip through the magic of cooking an egg。
  You can not cook eggs in the microwave。 Because the power of the microwave oven magnetron microwave emission is too large, it will make the eggs explode。
Visa chip electrical looks like a conventional microwave oven, but the installation of a power amplifier that NXP sales for many years。 The chip used in mobile cellular base station transmitting radio frequency signals to your phone。   In a microwave oven, a microwave power amplifier is to use radiation stimulation of food molecules actuator。 But it can continue to change the intensity of the microwave radiation, radiation and unity of different magnetron, when the food is delicate can reduce the radiation intensity。 The last cooking eggs out of shape, packed in small serving dish。 Bite will find eggs hard, not good, but it is not chew – between boiled eggs and steamed egg, but it can eat。
  Visa and colleagues, NXP RF chip business manager Hart (PaulHart) said that if a power amplifier capable of cooking an egg, then it can also cook the meal。 They call it "High Resolution cooking" equipment。 Visa said magnetron microwave radiation to provide either open or closed manner, but using the NXP chip will be able to control the microwave radiation, heat source for the distribution of food in different temperature range for vegetables, meat, bread, and so you go into the application of different heating food。
  This in itself is not a new technology, NXP over the years has been selling power amplifier。
It was not until 2014 that the company was capable of producing a sufficient efficiently converts electric power to heat the device in a manner fully consistent with the standard appliance manufacturer。   In the background is rumored to be the next wireless chip maker acquired, six weeks NXP shares are up about 20%。
The transaction is expected to be announced this week。
  Unlike NXP chip, some of the actuators required to achieve a breakthrough semiconductor material。
One of the most promising future breakthrough is made of a nitride semiconductor material family compound。
In the outward movement into the electron radiation energy, such materials much more effective than silicon。   Gallium nitride (GaN) gained more and more followers。
Fremont, Calif Soraa startup using this technique greatly broadened emission spectrum developed new LED lamp。
In this illumination bulb, colors appear richer than a typical LED lighting lamps。   For GaN enthusiasm, few people comparable to California startups EfficientPowerConversion (EPC), co-founder and CEO Li are (AlexLidow)。
His team is promoting a number of innovative shocking。 One is the detection of colorectal cancer pills developed by Israeli company check -CAP。
United States of colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death for cancer, more than fifty Americans are recommended for screening of colorectal cancer, but 40% of people do not screened。 Check CapCEO Denzel (BillDensel), said screening is very effective and can save lives, but the process is very uncomfortable, embarrassing, so people do not。   EPC's gallium nitride chip on the pills, the swallowed by the patient without fasting。 After the pills into the body, as the tissue exposed to X-rays, a gallium nitride-chip rebound from the detected photons colorectal wall。
These photons can be used to generate a 360-degree contour colorectal FIG.。 The photon transmits data to the wireless receiver worn by the patient。   Two or three days on average discharge pills from the body, the patient to the doctor analyzes the wireless receiver。
To highlight the inner wall of colorectal polyps, as well as those things irregular, we glance when looking at the profile, Denzel explained polyps and cancer detection。
This test is expected to cost about six hundred dollars, while colonoscopy would need $ 1,200 or more, not including the cost of anesthesia。   Check the -CAP is preparing a series of clinical studies, eventual approval of the US Food and Drug Administration study in 2018, expected to be completed next year。
The company in August this year were registered direct public offering, flush with cash can be used next year。 It is worth mentioning that, check out the cap is still in a development stage company, the stock market value of only $ 23 million。
  EPC is working with another undisclosed company that develops wireless powered artificial heart, no longer access a variety of metal wires to the patient's body。   Another use of Israeli start-up companies BlueWindMedical (RainbowMedical subsidiaries) are being developed。 The company producing a nerve stimulation apparatus surrounds nerve endings, pain is adjusted by an electric field produces a small synapse。 The device may reduce pain in patients by in vitro wireless switch controller, the available eight hours up to one day, will be given alternative analgesics。
  However, few things are as Lee might expect the surplus foresight, he believes the laptop power cord will become history。
"Within a decade, we will begin to see the power lines disappear," he said.。
I do not know who would like the power cord。   EPC and most wireless power supply manufacturing company contacts, one of which is the above-mentioned IDT。
The company manufactures a "magnetic inductor" member, through the coil to the magnetic power transmission, energy can be transferred to the other coil in contact therewith。
This is Apple's way of charging the watch。
IDT so far sold more than 70 million wireless charger chip, is the industry leader。   IDT chief technologist SaileshChittipeddi believe, inductors come in handy, sales will reach hundreds of millions of scale。   In terms of sensors, the car is an important testing ground。 Automotive equipment, electronic products more and more, such as 17-inch video cameras and in-car dashboard。 All such chips increases wire connection。
Chittipeddi said wire connection between the components account for almost one-third of the vehicle weight。   Chittipeddi said car side-view mirrors may be controlled by power wire instead of the inductor; Car manufacturers are using wireless technology in an effort to reduce costs as much as possible。
  More ambitious target can be run without touching the magnetic resonance。
Lidow company is working with a number of teams, including the Boston WiTricity。 WiTricity is the founder of MIT physics professor 索尔亚契奇 (MarinSoljacic), solves the tuning coil magnetic energy in a more efficient way to transfer。   WiTricityCEO Gelu Sen (AlexGruzen) said the company's ability to reach an agreement, a large wireless charging laptop manufacturers and will soon achieve, in cooperation with car manufacturers to realize the kilowatt power wireless transmission。 "Imagine there is a cushion, car parked in the above will automatically charge your garage floor from the vehicle chassis twelve feet wireless charging," said Gelu Sen。
  For some people, IDT, and a contact type charging WiTricity or short enough charge ambitious。
Wireless and semiconductor industry veteran business Energous that, through the use of microwave technology similar NXP RF power, rechargeable wireless equipment in the room at the most as far as 15 feet away。   This charging method is better wired charging fast, but if you everywhere around the surface embedded in the transport equipment, capable of continuous use, so fast that there is no need。 EnergousCEO Leizuo Ni (AteveRizzone) said that in this case, from your car to sit in the office, at home and then to the rest of the time, your wearable device or cell phone will get a steady stream of power, continuous full power operation; equipment power runs out, hurry to find outlets will reduce the time。   There are skeptics, some of which are professionals, such as Vice President of Science and Technology Information Department TechInsights Chipworks subsidiary of Morrison (Jim Morrison)。
Morrison believes that wireless power is still at least five years, it is too far ahead, there is simply not cost-effective。
  Alpha also looking for sites, the site of some type of doctoral thesis articles to refute Energous technical proposition。   Lei Zuoni cautioned that "short sellers has become a problem。 They are very intelligent, integrated a lot of precise digital sounds plausible, causing a degree of concern, but we will continue to overcome these problems。 "The fact that the stock has risen this year more than doubled since its launch in March 2014 has risen by 56%。
"Because ultimately the technology is real, it is safe, we will get the approval of the Federal Communications Commission," said Lei Zuoni。
  Leizuo Ni said that the use Energous technology is the first product-contact charger, scheduled to ship in the first quarter of next year; wireless charging from a room in a non-contact charger will then be shipped at the end of next year。
  Cooking gallium nitride from the radio frequency to the body and then to the wireless charging pills, all of these techniques will be pushed or hinder product assembly methods。 These products are assembled Applied Materials is a work that the company is to provide tools and other chip manufacturers in the world's largest supplier。 For example, an image projected on the car dashboard "head" Display。 "Head-up" displays, a lot of micro-mirror, the mirror image of these numerous small mechanical member, the movable member having called MEMS。
  Car manufacturers want a control circuit for producing such a micromirror and mirror driven in one single silicon plate, so as to save power。 But so far it has not been possible to do so。   Applied Technologies has found a way to use silicon-germanium compounds integration of the two, and that the customer is ready to demo。
  Chief expert application of technology companies that Lama Su (OmNalamasu) said that this innovation will generally enhance the role of innovation in building materials engineering equipment; the late 1980s, the majority of semiconductor products with a six-Seven Elements, now use half of the Periodic Table。
  As a machine-muscle actuators and sensors as how their eyes and ears of the binding?This will greatly benefit mankind, especially in the medical field, but the machine itself will get the maximum advantage。
  For humans, the sensor can detect brain waves, the thought that the signal is converted to movement of the actuator limbs – perhaps in the case of spinal or nerve damage, similar to scientists Hocking (Stephen Hawking) by rotation of the eye similar typing on computer。   More realistic prospect that the wireless charging of electric vehicles will be liberated by the sensor automatically navigate to the nearest charging station without having to manually plug in the charging plug。
Such continuous charging system so that the high-capacity battery is not necessary, thereby enhancing competitiveness of power and gasoline-powered vehicle power。
This obviously will also promote progress of unmanned vehicles。
  Similarly, the actuator is incorporated in a robotic manipulator of the object can even assume more factories。
Since the charging station to the unmanned aircraft ground flight transmitting electric power, the UAV can fly farther distance by radio frequency transmission。
  Investors obsessed sensor due to realized mobile application (such as tracking fitness program, monitor the weather and find a user's location near the company's application) economic potential。 However, these investors will be next sensor – actuator shocked。 The ability of the actuator to change the everyday environment will make the world around us in the world of cell phones, like colorful, this even more promising for investors。
(Lemon Nan / compiler)。

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