Where to listen to music with prenatal belly or ears

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Where to listen to music with prenatal care?Pregnant women prenatal music while pregnant is good, then you should know with your own ears or listen to it with a belly?Following small to talk with you exactly where to listen to it with prenatal music。 Prenatal listening to music with where a growing number of parents believe that prenatal care can nurture high IQ, high EQ genius baby。 However, improper prenatal care may cause harm to the baby。 When the fetus is about 5 months old, it has auditory responses, when the mother immersed in the sound of music by Mozart, Schubert and others, the fetus not only feel the rhythm of the music, such as the beating of uterine blood vessels, also with the mother's heartbeat , breathing feel pleasure。
However, many mothers during prenatal care, directly to tape recorders, radios on the belly, so that the fetus listening to music。
In fact, this approach is not correct。
Prenatal music there are certain advantages to stimulate the development of the fetus, but to prenatal music player has a higher requirement。
Pregnant women on the abdominal wall directly to the speaker, the sound wave into the mother, the fetus by high-frequency sound stimuli, a long time likely to cause damage to the fetal cochlea and the auditory nerve, causing hearing loss or even deafness。 Prenatal listening to music with where additional needs to be reminded that 20 weeks of pregnancy, fetal auditory function has been fully established。 Mother's voice not only can be passed to the fetus, but the vibration of the chest also have some impact on the fetus。
Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to their tone of voice, tone and words, in order to stimulate a good mark to the fetus。

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