How to pay your dry skin supple skin

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How dry skin moisturizing dry skin as the name suggests is a type of dry skin more prone skin, this skin type has friends tend to be more concerned about the issue of pay。 So in the end how it moisturizing dry skin following small for everyone to talk about how old dry skin moisturizing and give you supple skin!How dry skin moisturizing 1, with only a face wash every day。
Dry skin is particularly vulnerable to water shortages and dry and peeling, and therefore should not be such a crush cleansing several times, twice a day is the upper limit。
2, remember to take the moisturizing lotion。
Crush dry skin after washing, may be moisture-shoot on the toner, to reduce the feeling of tightness, for the protective film skin layer was added。 3, Tu day, night cream like to take the skin moist。 While the skin is still moist, dry skin crush can be painted with high moisturizing effect and moisturizing cream to lock in moisture and increase the skin gloss。 If the effect of the face until completely dry before coating, there will be a very good。
4, ground deposition pay。
Dry skin moisture loss easy, day cream and night cream painted not be able to reach deep moisturizing effect, so dry skin crush every week, do not forget to do at least once Moisturizing Mask。
25 years of age: the age of 25 dry skin crush, should get ready the following skin care products: a non-alcoholic Skin water, a bottle of lotion containing sodium hyaluronate component, a bottle of natural essential oils Cream。 Like whitening crush, you can also use seaweed mask attaining。 More than 25 years old: over 25 years old crush, based on the above recommendations, and more to prepare a slightly more expensive price of two bottles of essence or muscle base solution。 Daily care, you can also use some more containing coenzyme Q10 mask, pulling compact to the skin, reducing wrinkles and laxity。
Over 35: For over 35 dry skin female friends, beauty salons regularly to do the pulling or necessary。
Of course, you can also skin care after themselves at home doing simple push of a face lift with a stick or jade。 How dry skin, a moisturizing dry skin, dry skin to distinguish between types of dry skin is divided into two types, one is dry dry type, the other is dry short of oil type。 So before freckle, it should make it clear what type, and then targeted for freckle。
Dry skin first water supply water, and the lack of oil dry skin need to be up the oil, and then the follow-up work freckle。
Second, the use of mild dry skin lightening products sensitive to the outside, if the hormone or metal ion containing cream products, allergenic。 Therefore, the choice of freckle products, should choose a mild non-irritating cream products, so as not to increase the burden of skin。 Third, in tune plaques form outside the government was mainly due to imbalances in the body caused by。
The freckle alone in tune little effect, outside the government alone can not cure。 So to use transferred outside the rule of method, two-pronged approach, temporary and permanent cure。
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