Girls pay attention, you have these four, please.?Herald winter palace found you

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  Many women have problems in summer to eat cold or blowing air is also easy to add to the winter palace。 Women winter palace great harm, not only affect menstruation, but can also cause tubal disease that affects fertility。 Winter palace is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, if you have a cold house, the most obvious change, or in the period。   4 kinds of menstrual status, indicating you find a 1, dysmenorrhea Chinese medicine there are "ten nine cold pain," saying that ten dysmenorrhea, there are nine people have。 Because "blood Yuhan condensate", menstrual blood was supposed to be discharged from the results because the winter palace, blood in the womb Duzhe, and did not break out。
  Dysmenorrhea caused this, you can drink hot water, warm baby warm handbags fever tools and so on, so stay warm belly to ease。
  2, if after a few months by the amount of your monthly rarely, 2-3 days is over, and perhaps pound ghost。
Because the house cold can cause poor blood flow rate reduction will also be reduced by the amount of。 During the aunt should not wash your hair, let the head cold caused by exposure to cold uterus, resulting in reduction in menstrual arrest。   3, menstruation said front clot, blood coagulation Yuhan, if so, then it is easy deposition of blood in utero。
Finally excreted, it is not blood, but a small blood clot。
If you have a lot of blood clots in the large, the first time you should think of winter palace。
  4, menstrual color dark if the uterus by a cold, blood flow slows down, poor blood, deposition in the body for a long time, will darken the color of blood。 I believe many people have this experience, a few days before menstruation colors are red, the third day, fourth day, fifth day, the blood flow out of all dark or even black。 This is leading to late aunt, blood can not exclude normal quickly, eventually becoming black blood。   How cold Nuangong 1, from diet to restore medicine believes that women are yin constitution, and if it continues to eat a lot of cold, cold food, it is easy to make the invasion of pathogenic cold air of the human body, and the body will produce yang loss, and thus increase the body's cold, so cold it will make adverse damage to the uterus。
  So, women in their daily diet often do not eat too much cold drinks such as Cold Food, eat some warm food。   2, more exercise many women's body belong to the cold side, but the movement is often enables cold gradually discharged out of the body, gradually ascending yang。
So in order to better warm house and cold, good exercise habits is very important。
In the process of movement can be very good to promote blood circulation and metabolism speed, so that the body's blood to nourish produce better and more smoothly to the uterus。   For some women have emerged, it is recommended to strengthen the magnitude of the amount of movement, better able to help blood circulation, warm up the hands and feet。   The main factor 3, shelters the hot summer months, people are basically day long stay in air-conditioned rooms, some of which will be female friend dresses in exposed thigh, back, shoulders and other parts, which also contributed to the chill into the body。
  The main factors when cold air into the body, the uterus will be tortured cold outside, the long run is induced。   Therefore, in everyday matters need to be refuge from the cold, especially cold to stay in air-conditioned rooms, a need to do more precautionary measures。 Among them, strengthening the abdomen warm cold matter is very critical。

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