Parker 23 points early Nanzu Spurs lose 3-1 Grizzlies black eight nearby

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  Old Duncan, Ginobili right elbow injury, wearing protective gear operations, GDP combination of firepower Parker Spurs only relatively stable。
The first section of the Spurs a slight advantage, this section have 1 minute to Split grabbed offensive rebounds after tipped succeeded, the Spurs scored four points to lead 24-17。
Parker shot 3 of 3 in this section, a person got 8 points, the Spurs to 26-21 a slight advantage。
  Parker II is still a crack shot, shot all four succeed, there are single 11 points for Houston, but others mediocre, Spurs Grizzlies were tenacious counterattack。
More than half of this section, after Conley hit third, the Grizzlies to tie it at 35-35。
Parker also to post a record one-third, Mayo hit third, the two sides began a tug of war。 After the Grizzlies to 48-45 beyond, Ginobili snake out of its hole, his first with Duncan in the middle with the pick and roll, and then suddenly pass to the left of George – Hill, who hit third, then he steals after the attack ability, back bounce pass to the basket, Parker relaxed shooting, the Spurs to 50-48 halftime。   The second half despite drastic changes in the third quarter the Spurs played nearly five minutes later also not shooting, even Parker for the first time shot。 Grizzlies morale, a wave of 14-0 start this section, in one fell swoop to 62-50 double-digit advantage。 This section and 7 minutes 23 seconds, was the first time the Spurs scored a layup Parker。
After Spurs failed to find the feeling, and Yuezhanyueyong Grizzlies to 6-0 end of this section, a single victory to 30-15, after three to 78-65 lead。
  Spurs can not find the feeling not only offensive, but mistakes continue, and no teams demeanor。
Grizzlies hand, appears to ease, after the fourth quarter began shortly Mayo hit third, followed by Arthur alley-oop dunk, the Grizzlies in this section there are 8 minutes and 41 seconds to 85-67 obtain 18 points of advantage。   Grizzlies inside and outside the bloom, the Spurs no countermeasures。
Competition also 5 minutes and 43 seconds, Shane Battier hit third, the Grizzlies 94-74 lead with a full 20 points。 Spurs only to give up, take down all the main。
West to the identity of the first qualifying, but was cornered Grizzlies, Spurs can only expect back home force。   Spurs starting lineup: Tony – Tony Parker, Manu – Manu Ginobili, Antonio – Antonio McDyess, Richard – Jefferson and Tim – Tim Duncan。   Grizzlies starting lineup: Mike – Conley, Tony – Allen, Mark – Pau Gasol, Zach – Zach Randolph and Sam – Young。
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