Chinese students were beaten Oakland beat vociferously "I have a gun."

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December 8 power December 1, Auckland, New Zealand for Chinese students studying Xiao Zhao, is quite Cry day。
The same day, in the downtown area of downtown Auckland, Xiao Zhao was beaten stranger somehow, the batterer also claimed: "I have a gun!"It is reported that Xiao Zhao from China, Hebei Province, is currently in Auckland a language school reading, preparing to apply for a master's degree, University of Auckland。 Xiao Zhao said at the time: "It was that kind of dialogue with that person feel uncomfortable。 "Xiao Zhao said, plus late for class, he told the young man did not want to lend money to him and turned to leave。
Soon as he finished, the young man washing up on a beaten Xiao Zhao, also have been clamoring for his bag had a gun, and a gun from the bag to make the action。
At this time, security personnel saw the situation here, came to the side。 Xiao Zhao said: "This man not only hit me, but also kept shouting abusive language 'ChinesePig''Nigga' etc.。 Zhao right thumb until now can not move。
According to Xiao Zhao said he intends to study at the University of Auckland, but experienced police, beating the young still at large, we want witnesses provide clues related to the case to the police。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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