Chinese ink painter in Japan Love: It is my closest friends

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Chinese in Japan of Chinese ink painter Love。
Fuyi Yao is a Fuyi Yao said: "I used to draw when all the ink, ink, pen, carrying all their own, in the temple sit all day, sat the longest 72 hours, because in Japan mural painting barrier (similar to our screen painting / mural) must be coherent。
"However, before the creation of peace of mind, Fuyi Yao also encountered some problems。
Fuyi Yao know that change must go through a process, where it is good to start?She put the spotlight on the huge frame of obstacle mural。 Sure enough, soon these paintings caused a sensation in Japan。 Fuyi Yao has high standards and high demands for their work, she said: "The biggest difficulty is the ink and the Environment, and now the human spirit put it together, and that I get a lot of people around to support and help, I the barrier mural painting as his own a very important issue。
"For almost harsh under their own training, but also the emergence of many fine, such as" Buddhist Learning Map ", the painting up to over 40 meters, is the world's longest a modern Buddhist murals, Fuyi Yao spent 4 years to complete it。 Fuyi Yao is a famous Chinese painter Fu Baoshi's daughter, Fu Baoshi good at painting landscapes, its brushstrokes heedlessness, momentum bold。
Fuyi Yao childhood monasteries, the father of her education in classical literature has also benefited from her life。 (CCTV Chinese world) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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