Acacia flower, a piece of paper their sleep Jun intelligibility?

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Early spring evening, a touch of rouge makeup into the sea of pro-thin, high bright red sunset attached at sea, and floated in the blue, mapping out a touch of melancholy。The sea is so shrouded in the afterglow of quiet beauty!Everything is so beauty!Beautiful people sad!Beautiful people enchanted!    White plum blossoms fall said,“Life for some people, the original is a sad thing, is to do nothing wrong field。Like a beautiful butterfly, misuse off the dust filters; a reed cross the river boat, parked the wrong harbor; a clean, landscaped, open the wrong season。”Perhaps this life, in this chaotic world troubles, you and I are destined only a dream trip to Acacia ferry, waiting for a silly dream。In the Cape you, I'm in the horizon, two lonely souls, across the great lakes interpretation of the eternal sadness。Since then, the moon and stars do not meet, the landscape does not meet。End of the World at the end, watching time fly, pour a finger vicissitudes of life, keep a clear tie word, swim across the years, the wind off, no trace of smile, the end is left behind in one place a touch of pain。    Perhaps you and I met just a chance, but perhaps this is God's doomed innocence, to make you my thoughts in a blooming flowers, because of you, I forget the day and night, the heart was removed in the mortal world, love Red Dust linger。Acacia flower, bloom in my heart, PASSING fleeting bumps in my mind wandering, shy in the years to breed out a plume of confusion。Worth mentioning, let me in this origin of Acacia edge off the emotion, the way stumble into your leisurely tenderness in my thoughts let melt in your world, and you knew them, and you spend the old…    Time ashes scattered in the Red Dust, filled in between the heart。Sing a romantic, Yin a tie years of quiet good, keep the end of time a soul!It turned out that this world, there is a love, no need to tell the truth, but you can keep in mind!There is a feeling, do not tell, you can warm smile!Fireworks, fleeting, shallow encounter, deep joy。Through the marshes, the Red dependencies, always worried about, because you are my fate。….. Meet, do not ask is the edge of robbery!Keep you in watery years, you designate, crevices in the glitz of Si Man。Keep a Fangning Jing, Qiannian in mind, to listen to the voices of flowers; a solitary product, ask one sounds, either Yunjuanyunshu; bring a ray of Enron, in the long mortal world Feelings Ningdi, Dimei get ink; Yang season charming, touching croon, look streamer fly forward, listening to the sweet melody, product marshes。    Quiet good time, and the king of language; steady, and the king of the same; bloom again, and the king old。Really want to, hold your hand, you pour gentle with your hair dye cream to be together, to accompany you to see steady。Think about this life, this prop miss that boat, slowly, with that quiet time, entering your dreams, life after life to accompany you wait, waiting。  If available, I would like to put down all the obsession, only treasure palm of your hand, these days?

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