Show the effect of adjusting the Beijing property market volume and price down

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  "Looking back, the most stringent regulation for the property market is the most liberal。
"Replay Beijing property market since March 17, 2017, more than a decade of experience in the real estate agent Lee Shan (pseudonym) March 22 told the China Securities Journal reporter。   March 17, 2017, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, Beijing business management department and Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau and other departments jointly issued the "Notice on Improving housing sales and differentiated credit policy" (referred to as "regulation 3.17"), is Insiders called "the history of the most stringent market regulation measures"。 Over the past year, Beijing introduced more than 30 times the relevant control measures。
In this context, whether it is or, whether ordinary residential or commercial buildings, whether it is six districts of the city or suburban area, volume and price fell to varying degrees。   Intensive control the property market cooled March 22 morning, a large housing agency Fangzhuang store, some brokers by telephone to understand the situation Listings。
Li told reporters that the store broker, is now nearly half of the staff in mid-2017 from the second half of the entry, or integrated from other stores。 "March 17 the regulation" is a business broker inflection point, as a watershed, hang a lot less new houses, a lot of people "with a look at the amount of" down badly, natural turnover bleak, some people have two or three months not a suite deal。
  In the last year before March 17, this case is simply unimaginable。
"In March last year, interest rates pine, red prices rising day by day。
With a look on the need to under the ruthless hand, although the deposit also pay outsmarted。
Regardless of family and old and new, whether it be North-South and East West。 The landlord need not worry about buyers, intermediaries earn bowl full of red。 "Recalled the case of the former regulation, Li Shan to a limerick to describe。
A long-term analysis of industry people before and after the Spring Festival last year wards, the number of individual public March 16, 2017's, he laments, "I did not transfer when they are on tenterhooks, to get this room was completely at ease。 "March 17, 2017, with the introduction of heavy regulation and control policy, Beijing halted the trend of the property market。 "March 17 the regulation" policy is clear, no housing household name in Beijing and no commercial records, the purchase of ordinary housing first suite of implementation of the existing policy fund housing loans recorded that the first payment of not less than 35% Buy non-ordinary housing down payment ratio of not less than 40% (owner-occupied commercial housing, limited to two rooms except for housing and other policies)。
Household name already has in Beijing housing units, as well as in Beijing but there is no housing commercial housing loans recorded or provident fund housing loans recorded purchase ordinary housing down payment ratio of not less than 60%, the purchase of non-ordinary housing the first payment of not less than 80%。   Within a year after the "March 17 control", Beijing gradually introduced a number of regulatory measures, covering aspects of commercial space purchase restricted, regulate the behavior of intermediaries, efforts to increase land supply, the implementation of common property room, etc.。
  Compared to a year ago "panic chase" after "regulation 3 · 17", the market volume is falling rapidly。 National Bureau of Statistics Monthly Statistics show, "March 17 control" Beijing housing prices ended 17 consecutive months of rising momentum, then rose for nine consecutive months of decline。
The statistics also show that in February new home prices fell nationwide first-tier cities percent, second-hand housing rose for 17 consecutive months of decline。   "March 17 the regulation" is not only a profound impact on the property market in Beijing, also set off a number of cities into the "precise control" the tide。 Gyeonggi close to the Hebei Province, March 1, 2017, the first to purchase Zhuozhou。
Subsequently, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Langfang and Cangzhou, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Xingtai and Zhangjiakou and other municipalities and districts have introduced the New Deal。
As of July of that year, in addition to Handan, Hengshui, the purchase of substantially all of Hebei Province。
The reporter to incomplete statistics, in 2017 there were more than 100 cities that issued the policy of market regulation, market regulation around the overall situation remains unchanged since 2018。   Interest rates up credit tightening " '3 · 17 regulation' before prices rise fast, and now interest rates have gone up speed fast。
"Recently bought Fuxing Road, Haidian District, a district adjacent to the Little Su said。
His house to get those loans bank lending in February 2018。
When the loan approval in January, the bank promised, if they can do a certain amount of finance at the bank, we will be able to enjoy the benchmark interest rates go up 5%。 After the Spring Festival, the agency told Sue couples, those loans the bank mortgage interest rates have been up 10%。
  Sue calculations: before interest rates go up 5% compared to the Spring Festival, in order to calculate the total loans 2.8 million yuan, to float after month for more than 10% of its nearly 400 yuan。 China Securities Journal reporter has learned a number of banks found that the first mortgage interest rates, after the Spring Festival and other construction workers and peasants in large banks still keep the benchmark interest rates go up 5% before the Spring Festival。
And some small and medium banks have raised mortgage rates go up 5% from the reference base up 10%。 Some small banks in early 2018 raised the benchmark interest rate mortgage go up 15% or even 20%。   In some real estate analysts view, since "March 17 control", strictly differentiated credit and rising mortgage interest rates, it is an important factor in overall cooling of the property market in Beijing。
  E-House Research Director Yan Yuejin Institute think tank Center, believes that the "March 17 regulation" is the implementation of "Housing has identified loans" can be understood as popular, if you had to buy a house or mortgage lending experience, now in Beijing buy two sets will be identified as the purchase of a。 At the same time, differentiated credit policy is more stringent, namely ordinary housing sector will be taken down payment Liu Cheng requirements, rather than ordinary housing to take eighty percent of the down payment requirement, a move that continues to reduce leveraged mortgage loans behind property for its own purchase funds are insufficient, the impact is obvious。   For since October 2015 has been maintained in terms of% benchmark interest rate, we have experienced the second half of 2015 to March 2017 round up。
Li Shan respect, "mortgage rates '3 · 17 regulation' former general is 10%, and some even discount for each purchase。 It now appears that the regulation is the most severe measures against the loosest credit。
"In addition, to prevent illegal funds from various quarters into the property market in 2018 to become an important market regulation policy work。
Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei and other provinces regulatory authorities have recently said that to prevent illegal funds from various quarters to enter the real estate market。
"Reducing financial leverage real estate credit policy will become an important focus of future。
"An analyst told reporters。
  The new office property market "rent", "Party" featuring the Department of Housing and responsible person said recently, adhere to the "house used to live, not for speculation" to speed up reform and building long-term mechanism housing estate, the real estate market to maintain stable and healthy development of。   In the context of the implementation of precise regulation of real estate in the country, development of the housing rental market, explore common property construction of the system and the expansion of leasing, co-ownership of housing land market regulation has become the new initiatives。
  Beijing, for example, to increase the supply of land in Beijing in mid-2017, price of commercial housing, housing a total of property and other properties also increased land。 Beijing land and resources relevant data show that in 2017 Beijing limit commercial land transactions 44, owner-occupied housing land transactions 16, a total number of property transactions for the housing land 12。
Since 2018, Beijing a total turnover of three common property of residential land, the total planned construction area of ten thousand square meters。
With average 80 m2 / sets, about 3700 units。 Since 2018, the total turnover of the land can be built square meters of total residential property, about 7800 sets。
  Centaline Dawei, chief analyst said the next five years, Beijing will complete a total of 250,000 sets of property rights of housing land supply, by speeding up housing supply, improve construction quality, equitable distribution, to further stabilize social expectations to resolutely curb speculative investment in housing demand, promote the return of residential housing properties, effectively promote the Beijing real estate market is stable and healthy。 He expects the second half began in March 2018, Beijing will have a large price of commercial housing and common property housing market, it is expected to make Beijing property market continues to cool in 2018。   Nationally, since 2018, Chengdu, Fuzhou and other places have also accelerated the pace of total property room or building system。 Department of Housing official said, is expected to 2020, China provided to 30% of the land will account for incremental rental housing and shared ownership of housing。
  Housing rental market, with China Vanke, Country Garden (02007), Lake and other leading housing prices have to test the water long-term lease apartments, rental housing-related issue bonds, etc., property leasing market has become rare hot plate。
  China Exchange Center, Deputy Chief Economist Hong Xu fishes reporter said that in the video simultaneously, encourage the development of rental housing market, the proposed multi-agent participation policy, the real estate market usher in a new development model, not only to break the monopoly of real estate developers for listing let some non-housing prices can participate in the integration of the listing。 At the same time, the stock of housing can effectively participate in the rental market。
But also through the development of long rent and other rental housing mode, it can form a stable and long-term market-oriented products, through long-term cultivation, gradually affecting consumer attitudes rent consumer groups, to expand the rental crowd。   Yan Yuejin believes that the rental housing market, the financial support has been noticeably increased, it is conducive to the formation of real estate enterprises of scale, thus forming a large supply of rental housing market in the next two to three years。

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