He went to Mexico only two months of hand-made noodles in Lanzhou has fire

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Lanzhou beef noodles noodles is one of China's top ten, in Mexico City there was a Chinese teacher, to Mexico, although only two months, but he did Lanzhou noodles has become the restaurant's signature dish。
Many local Chinese people in flour tasted the taste of home。
This Lanzhou noodles just how delicious it?Chewy noodles, beef tender and tasty bowl of noodles chewy, tender and tasty beef noodles of Lanzhou and is the restaurant's signature dish will。
The Lanzhou noodles is the creator of this year, 33-year-old native of Lanzhou Pang Yuliang。
Pang master told us, Lanzhou noodles is not easy to want to do good。 And from the side, every step will directly affect the taste of a bowl of noodles in Lanzhou。
And face: face and will directly affect the taste of Ramen。 And the open side should face pound, kneading and dispersing, so is not easily broken when attenuation, plus powder surface can be prevented from sticking together。
Up knowledge: This process is called "smooth muscle" in the ramen industry。
To a large soft surface first group repeatedly pounding, kneading, stretch, fall, after which the dough is placed on the panel with his hands holding the ends of the bar, lift force beat down the board。 After the noodles stretch, fold ends, continue to hold the beat。
Pulling into 20 mm thick, a long strip chopsticks nodal plane。
Face rejection: rejection surface, also called slip surface, is to strip away the noodles slip uniform, to grasp the hand of balance, good will be thrown on the board noodles, sprinkle with edible vegetable oil to prevent sticking noodles。
Ramen: To Selah, a change two, fold back, and two become four, so repeatedly off, must take uniform rubbing surface, if uneven rubbing, the surface not pulled。 (See Pang master confidence in the eyes children) up knowledge: Pang said the master, stretched is a highly technical work, it is difficult for beginners to grasp the essentials。 The same dough in the hands of the master Pang experienced, not only ramen fast, but pulled noodles uniform thickness, not broken。 You see, a side section just pull a large bowl, each pull to fold once back on the wrist, pulled and finally, his hands shake up and down several times, pulled noodles Well, lingering flexibility, thickness uniformity。
Cooking: soup: In addition to the face, the most important secret lies Chun fragrant soup。 Ramen mainly by beef broth, the first point is the choice of materials, select the hind legs of a cow bone stick, because more bone marrow, boil out more concentrated, the first pot of soup to boil for 8 hours, boil the fire, small fire boil, boil every day。 Up knowledge: Pang master told us, there are historical records of Lanzhou noodles originated in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years。 There are "clear message three red four green five yellow" on Ramen。
It refers to a clear soup, radish, red pepper oil, coriander, yellow face。
Small improvements: In order to make their own Lanzhou noodles are accepted more local diners, but also according to the Mexican master Pang local materials, but also on ingredients also do a little improvement。 Usually we put white radish, in Mexico, food is not good to take it into a local piece of carrot, radish this very fresh, the cooked flour, add garlic and parsley, plus chili oil, a bowl of authentic Lanzhou ramen on the well。 In addition to normal work, Pang Mexico also received a master apprentice, will face their own unique skills taught to them to do, it is to let more people know about Chinese food。 Pang master said: "Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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