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  "Rigorous examination of IPO issuance examination committee for the applicant, cautious vote, the people around basically have expressed their understanding and support, because the ultimate aim is to make the quality of listed companies。 "One sponsor from the central region to the" Securities Daily "reporters。
  She further said that the IPO under strict examination, to be listed companies, intermediaries and so put forward higher requirements, for example, companies need to think about how to do better, intermediary institutions should consider how to make even more standardized in the process, allow enterprises to grow through the capital markets, and growth。
  Through rate is not Daowu Cheng "veto such a high rate, and some even joked that our colleagues do not want to do。
"An investment bank from Shanghai, said in an exchange with reporters。   According to Reporters statistics, this year, issuance examination committee has reviewed 54 (including but not including secondary will be canceled on review) starting applications business, where 23 adopted, 28 were not, three suspend the vote, by rate was%。   The concern is that, which also lack some cases "N over 1": January 10 4 over 1, 23 January 7 through 1, January 24 5 over 1, 26 January 5 through 1, February 7 through 1 3。   In contrast, January 1, 2017 to the end of September 2017, that is, before the establishment of the new issuance examination committee, issuance examination committee reviewed a total of 390 companies IPO applications, of which 328 will be too, the pass rate for%。
  "Compared with the previous, now the IPO audit is indeed more strict。
"The investment bank, said from Shanghai。
  In fact, the IPO will be no rate rises throughout 2017 Annual always, is particularly evident in the second half of last year, appeared frequently on a single day IPO will be no rate phenomenon, which is behind the refraction of the scale issuance examination committee to the more stringent。
  Meanwhile, the low pass rate with the new IPO rules made the trial and the evaluation of IPO issuance examination committee members, and lifelong tracing, closely related to the discipline inspection and supervision and a series of institutional arrangements, the industry believes that this trend will continue for the future。   Sponsor above the central region, he said the current high rate of IPO veto, reflects the determination of the regulatory body selected high-quality investment targets for the capital market, investors remodeling healthy and sustainable capital market。   "How to implement strict supervision both good idea, but also a good use of capital market services real economy, good service national strategy for tackling poverty, regulatory agencies and market participants in this regard should do your homework。 "The sponsor said。
  Insiders said that this once again to those companies wishing to list the reminder, "blacksmith need its own hardware," must be hard skills, improve their core competitiveness, a true and fair measure of whether it will meet the listing standards too。
  More questions like whether the IPO is a significant increase in the number of people in the industry view, there is a reason that the texture of enterprises to focus on relative almost will, "So, whether the IPO is to increase the number of normal, or take a rational view no need to rise to panic。
"In mid-2017 the first three quarters, when the IPO market is concerned about the rising rate of no problem interpreting the issuance examination committee direction are more concentrated in terms of IPO application materials of authenticity, the scale of profits, independence, etc.。
But last October 17 after the Nisshin term issuance examination committee trial, a "6 over 1", "4 through 1" and the results of the audit on the three will be whether the whole, the market began to re-interpretation of the "big issuance examination committee" audit logic。
  Insiders said that the current issuance examination committee is not required to apply logic authenticity of the materials, sustainable profitability, independence, etc., also need to improve internal control, regulate and effectiveness, scale comprehensive audit strict。
  This is, by questioning the issuance examination committee, but also get a glimpse of themselves: from the recent issuance examination committee to ask questions of view, showing a variety of state, it will be like on the authenticity of corporate finance, compliance business, enterprise regulatory control, related party transactions, accounts receivable, billing and other issues received unprecedented attention。   For example, the February 7 was whether the Beijing Chaoge Co., issuance examination committee requires the issuer to explain the company's core competitiveness, the business model is reasonable, the main business development space, on-site service if there is new derivatives to expand areas and business growth, whether a material adverse impact on the future sustainable profitability of the issuer; February 6 was whether the electric blue of Jiangsu environmental Protection Company Limited, issuance examination committee required to explain the background and reasons for cooperation with Chengdu's Huaxi, a cooperation agreement sustainability, such as the agreement is terminated, whether there is an adequate response measures can have on production operations and financial condition have a significant adverse impact on the existence of the adverse situation continued profitability; January 30 Lake in Hangzhou is NO Xunlong Technology Co., issuance examination committee require the company to combine historical and actual management situation analysis finds that there is no reasonable explanation of the controlling shareholder and actual controller。   Insiders said that this year the new shares issued audit situation is more than chaos and strict and orderly, strength prevail。
Compared with previous years, the attitude of the issuance examination committee is strictly from the fine and the view to be true and accurate, so as to effectively protect the interests of investors, ensure the healthy development of capital markets。
  To resolve the "quake lake" strict audit, on the one hand to make standards-compliant companies can be listed as soon as possible; on the other hand, so the quality is not enough high-quality corporate quit, cancel or withdraw data queue。 Both the quantity and quality will be promised the enterprise, but also solve the IPO "quake lake" problem。
  The Shanghai Stock Exchange released the latest data show that as of February 2, this year, four new companies will be reported, one of which the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates 1, GEM 2。
  "Securities Daily" reporters after comparing notes five weeks this year there have been no new reported three weeks will be the company, namely January 8 –12, January 22 – 26 January 29 – February 2。
In addition two weeks respectively increased by only 3 and 1。
  At the same time, terminate the examination is increasing the number of enterprises。
Statistics show that as of February 2, the Commission published weekly starting reporting companies in 2018, a total of 24 enterprises to terminate the review, eight of which the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 16 (3 small plates, GEM 13)。   Line business, as of February 2, the Commission published a weekly board, small board, gem of the first to declare a total of 459 companies, 216 of which the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 243 (72 small plates, GEM 171)。   According to Reporters combing this year, a month or so, the number of queued enterprises decreased 60。   Data show that as of December 29, 2017, the Commission published a weekly board, small board, the GEM starting reporting companies to 519。
  The industry believes that this aspect so that compliant businesses can be listed as soon as possible; on the other hand, so the quality is not enough high-quality corporate quit, cancel or withdraw data queue。
Both the quantity and quality will be promised the enterprise, but also solve the IPO "quake lake" problem。 Over time, the formation of a new mechanism of dynamic equilibrium。

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