Spring is the beginning of spring health recipes bite bite out

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We can not do without eating is always important thing, as 24 solar beginning, how can approach this day regimen of eating less of it today, Xiao Bian gave you bring the beginning of spring health recipes, bite spring is bite out!The beginning of spring to eat anything four health food supplement to help lift bite spring means that spring day to eat some fresh vegetables at the beginning of spring, usually eaten raw as red radish north, south raw lettuce, but also includes eating Fajitas。 Fajitas are made of wheat flour baked or steamed pancakes, mostly bean sprouts, chives or leeks, fans, and other fried into a dish fit for stuffing wrapped in edible。
Radish, chives, leeks are all pungent foods, Xingan divergence effect, it is conducive to the protection and yang Sheng-fa。
Spring should be the liver, the main ascending catharsis, and pungent foods happen to have this effect。
Spring is the beginning of spring health recipes bite bite out of the beginning of spring diet should rise to make up the main, four Food Recommended: 1, Radix liver slices Ingredients: Radix was 20 ml, 250 g of fresh liver, water fungus 25 grams, a little leaf vegetables, rice wine, vinegar, salt, starch, soup, soy sauce, onion, ginger, garlic, oil amount。 Method: Radix decoction concentrated to 20 ml taking liquid reserve, porcine tendon tick slices, onion, ginger, garlic, washed, shredded onion, garlic slices, washed vegetables dry control。 Polygonum liver pieces into the dipping sauce (sauce take half Radix), add a little salt, the release amount of starch stir another Radix the remaining juice, soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, soup and wet starch and turned into mayonnaise sauce。
Spring beginning of spring health recipes bite into the oil pan is on fire bite out wok, hot oil into the marinated liver pieces to be slip through, with a colander modulo pour oil, a small amount of residual oil pan, the garlic into , ginger, stir slightly lower flavor pork liver, water fungus, storm fried a few minutes, the cabbage leaves wok stir fry a few times, pour mayonnaise sauce eight mature fried mix evenly, before the onion pan pot, turn That speculation, the clean wok Serve。
Efficacy: liver or kidney, and blood, UFA eyesight。
(Radix liver that can, in turn lowering, blood pressure; fungus through Lee blood effect, can prolong disease-eat。
) 2, chives shrimp Ingredients: shrimp 30 grams, leek 250 g, 1 egg, salt, soy sauce, starch, vegetable oil, sesame oil and the amount of。
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