Azar: The whole world knows I want to buy Real Madrid!Buddha know how to do

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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">According to "team" reported that Chelsea star Azar said that if Real Madrid wanted to sign him, they know how to do。When Azar's future is still confusing, he has not made it clear whether he will stay at Chelsea, is "Equipe" reporter asked about the rumors of Real Madrid, Azar said: "I was not interested in discussions on transfer things that I have said so many times before, I focus on World Cup。"" But, as I said before, in addition to the Champions League, I was in London (refer Chelsea) won everything, I am now the situation of his career, thanks to Chelsea。I can easily say: I want to leave, because I've done it all。Because of this, I want to before everything happened, the club want to know what will happen next season。"" I'm waiting for the coach is going to stay。If I leave, it will be because the team will be better than the just-concluded season, on the contrary, if the team is not so good, then I will leave。"" Real Madrid can make me interested, everyone knows。If they want to buy me, they know how to do。To go there is not, we need a plan, and I still plan to Chelsea。If I did well in the World Cup, things will be easier。"Last December, Azar's father, who confirmed that, Azar Chelsea rejected a new contract。

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