Blue and white

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[A] fate, as snow fell on the palm, of the only romantic。Love, in his arms as ice melt and have beautiful。If you can, I would like blue and white, then you do porcelain, I'll dissolve in your body, carved into your soul, even if broken, all together。  About the relationship between men and women, Zhang Xiaoxian said:“Friend upper body, lower body lover。”And that blue and white porcelain intertwined, let us forget the lower body and upper body were just amazed at the pure beauty, this is not shocking dye static dust。Beauty is human nature, because the United States of forgetting, perhaps a pure sublime。  Jin Yong novel of the best in the world Swordsman Yidao, by virtue of his martial arts, can take Chen Yuanyuan, but he was waiting for Chen Yuanyuan twenty-three years, only to occasionally glance at her passing, as long as she was happy, which enough。I think this is the blue and white on the soul of it, Mr. Jin Lin Huiyin same is true for a lot of crush in the world, many of Sentimental love, true, hidden in the depths of the soul, not the slightest dip human fireworks。  Charming, clean, introverted, quiet, appropriateness, elegant, Chu Chen。Peruse revealing the graceful and enchanting, as a story, as a "Red House", which is filled with love。Romantic encounter, calcined precipitated the fire, love-hate Melancholy of suffering, years, melt together the soul, body rub together, have over secular fireworks, but beyond the secular, could not smell a little bit of earth fireworks taste。  Small snow Zen said:“I first saw the blue and white, but think it is a man and a woman in love, then blue, as if the soul, deeply rubbing in a porcelain——How to love you enough affection?I put my blood bone rub your whole body in it, was that white, revealing me, revealing the blue, this coloring, the atmosphere, awe-inspiring, quiet end, the wind Saran day, but reveals twelve books。”  Blue and white, bookish, love, infatuation but only better educated women only come to read, and so was his soul melt into, we read of their own。I see the blue and white, as read Chen Yuanyuan, Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Yang, Wang Zhaojun, Lin, chai, Yu Xuanji such beauty, not only read the body, also read the soul。Amidst across the centuries, so far away but so close that you can touch their skin in the warm, feel their heartbeat and desire。They feel shy, quiet beautiful, enchanting, stunning, stunning, smell them Lengxiang。I do not care they are girls or young women, who do not care that they once belonged to, I can still tangled in the end, beautiful, not necessarily to occupy, he looked far better to do something。  [Two] I like the slow life, slowly leisurely, walking and shopping, I have my direction。In fact, life is a marathon, when you come to the end slowly leisurely, suddenly found the end but you, not someone else, who run fast, have exhausted half way up。  Life is a cycle, that the ancient novel every wit and beauty, with the Emperor, the fruit seller, crazy man Maid, are our own。I used to be Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu you used to be; I used to be Ximen, you used to be Pan。Love is a reincarnation, I did Shang Zhou, you have been in Daji; I did Xiang Yu, Yuji you have done。Smile a hundred pro-life, but we forget who we are。  Continue to bury love, and continue to love sprouted, past, present and future, we are constantly changing roles, but still can imprint the soul, look for clues in the death seen。Pristine white porcelain, jade, such as the female body, ethereal carved, just waiting for the man she loved his Spirit melt into her body, harmony, intertwined the story for a romantic, have a beautiful masterpiece of。Blue and white men, white women, the text is Xinyu, cinnabar and India are hickey, perfect and noble。  Mine hand holding in their mouths, hate entangled with life after life, perhaps only as blue and white porcelain usually after the suffering of fire and water, over the years, in order to understand the profound meaning of which it。Hundreds, among the thousands of pieces, have a startlingly ambitious, such as the world of love, shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ, is extremely small, scarce, how much to interpretation of a life, so precious the。And how long a person can encounter of people at the right time?Even in the face, you will be able to grown up into a fine?  Thoughts fly long time to cook rain, pen into the wound, a Dutch tender, a few slices of dead leaves, a few strands of autumn。Follow the footsteps of a dream, to find the lost memories, perhaps at the end of the wind, you can find the beautiful legend of it。Time shallow, dream like chiffon, you can almost touch the sun through the leaves of temperature。Met so beautiful, embracing too lingering, painful, and be happy, until Tumi flowers, but also no regrets。Whole life, have this one back, it is dead is worth it。  [Three] I admire that kind of feeling of Heaven, intertwined world, chasing the sun and the moon, men and women Simo。Night reading "Book of Changes", we know the yin and yang of the Road, Avenue between heaven and earth, that is,“Plain simple”Four words。Simple, quiet, plain, elegant, great beauty world。The most beautiful, often simple to the extreme, such as religion, such as the arts, such as love, just a plain white clean heart, no dust, the quiet, the silence。No need for words, do not need to text, you can take the hint。  Do not last forever, not promises, do not appeal from the War, not words tired, not no way in, not out on a limb。In the time in hand, lingering in the blue and white porcelain, the Shanfanjiujian, only two hearts, one soul。Put a body on another body fusion, the fusion of a soul on another soul, forming a perfect curve, thousand, million years, never betray。You are smashed it, there is also a bone of bone and flesh of meat, you have me, I have you。  You is beautiful, elegant Chu Chen I。Ethereal, beautiful, you are Maid, I was Yang Guo。A stunning, a Need。Only for a thousand years and other flowers, such as an end of time。Only willing to quietly hold you forever, forget the world, forget Love, forget reincarnation。Revel in the world of love, and then not see signs of pain and the vicissitudes of life。  This Yurun caress the skin, eyes already Amidst the Rain, maybe I was a lotus, planted in white porcelain, not for fame nor fortune, only to encounter the most beautiful for this world。The most prosperous, often the most lonely; most tumultuous, often the most silent。Tasted the reality, only willing to give a person his home, in a very quiet, the Nirvana Buddha。  Love to the wound is gorgeous, enchanting entangled in love。Clouds in the rain, rain cloud base, is what a romantic?Walking in blue and white inside, mostly poetry, cloud when the Tang, Song of smoke, dense in the text, swaying with the absolute beauty。Scarred plain reversion, return the situation to the extreme cold, in this cold and quiet, the return to the original himself, let out a touch of green life。  Small snow Zen said:“Sky blue waiting for rain, but I'm waiting for you”, Waiting for you?If it's worth, you have to wait。Waiting for you at the time, the waiting for you in eternity, until Wind and Smoke all net, all the stories back to the beginning。I am blue and white, you are white, blue misty rain in the day, return to the eternal silence, landing no longer joys and sorrows。  Wen: Sex Like chrysanthemum QQ: 171918223

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