Butterfly Lin

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One person alone, can be thought unfettered flying, carries "Your Smile," with the "Love and passion" of temperament, nostalgia in the "miss you" season。Trance, I turned into a "Little Bird" flew "Butterfly Lovers", the "Butterfly Lovers" pavilion, listening to Yingtai "My family has a small Jiumei" matchmaker。Daisha Butterfly home know, Jichong to go to "Rendezvous"。Unfortunately, either he was "500 times Looking back," also can not change the fact。He sings: ask the world, what love is?Straight people Shengsixiangxu!Order can only stand helpless, "Farewell," the former, listen to her is Ziyuan Zi sigh: Duyi hoe stole shed tears, sprinkling the air sticks see bloodstains。Health willing slaves ribs wings, fly to the end of heaven with flowers。End of heaven, rooted large pillars: Story of a visit, the writing is dry, monkey Niaowei has not yet cleared。    Look Wukong, from birth onwards, their will always take the initiative to control their own destiny。Whether it is when the Monkey King, or the Arts, holds both a proactive initiative。Stir underwater, pounding hell, heaven trouble, never bow to anyone, never yield to any person。How the Jade Emperor, is still scared straight iron bar under the table drill; Tathagata how, as he hands to pee。Even deep is imprisoned for five hundred years, did not change Story days fearless character who refuses to accept。    I understand the pain of big brother Shan Bo, two people in love can not be together stay together for life, how regrettable。But the fact can not be changed, only her installed in the heart, overtaken by force。Not constrained in their love life among the good man Faces。Or write to ask in life, or sword wander。Like the Romantic Swordsman, day he carved with his beloved woman。For his brotherhood, knowing that his brother grate meter, also still is not out to ape the beloved woman, hand over brothers, heart pain, it is not put into words。Flying shots often are heinous Dairen。    Patriotic poet Lu You and Tang Wan cousin love each other, because the marriage infertility, Lu mother is forced to break up, the two sad mood fell to the extreme, and yet unable to resist。Lu also has not been sinking, still write the epic patriotic poem。Still on the front lines, a bloody battle, the fight against Kinbyo。Tang Wan, though depressed for life, but for Lu, still strong as ordinary people live。    Lin Po brother and sister, knowing that no results, but do not cherish the process。Often due to fear of losing precious brother and unhappy。Obviously my heart like it, but it is manifested indifferent, ignore。Would like to see, but also often met with inexplicable hair a little temper, little brother and Po have a good time。Two people often due to different points of view and noisy, does not affect the love of Lin Po brother sister。The more unconditional good brother Bao Lin sister, sister Lin's hair with the more stubborn temper, always between worry about the outcome, depression into the illness。    Lin sister Yeah, you have to treasure brother care of their body, you easily go, you have not thought about your precious brother, not your day, how will treasure brother?Lin sister Yeah, when have, why not treasure?!

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