Sit-ups to lose weight the right way to practice it at night practicing sit-ups

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Night practicing sit-ups to lose weight is considered to be the way to reduce the movement of the stomach, a lot of female friends will do sit-ups in the evening, in order to achieve the effect of thin belly。
Then, in the evening practicing sit-ups to lose weight Here's go take a look at practice with the small series of sit-ups can not lose weight now。 Night practicing sit-ups to lose weight training at night sit-ups to lose weight。 Sit-ups generally suitable for two hours after dinner or before going to bed two hours after a meal this time people will have strength to do it, but the food has digested a half, properly sit-up exercise will also help to consume excess calories a day。 The time to do this before going to bed, because the movement so as not to cause motor cortex excitability, causing rapid heartbeat, is not conducive to sleep。 In doing sit-ups, we have to do preparations before the official start of practice, the last to do relaxation exercises, so that it is more conducive to health。
When we do, the action must be in place, the time to do has been done to feel the muscles of the body are pointed, the emergence of the phenomenon of pain, in order to effectively burn fat to achieve the purpose of reducing belly。
Sit-ups do not do in the morning, early in the morning, the body is still in the stage adaptation, after suddenly the activities will not only make physical strength becomes weak, the effect is not good enough in the evening。 Night practicing sit-ups to lose weight you do sit-ups before going to sleep at night too can play a role lose abdominal muscles, but we have to be careful to take the correct training methods, and down from a slower, it can speed up than lying under the slightly faster, so that it can exercise to strengthen muscles。
Do sit-ups is to be noted when the operation of the normative, hands across his chest, natural knees, focusing on abdominal, thigh curve a position 90 degrees from the slow time, one second stay, again after slow down 45 degrees, or the back of the head can not lay back on the mat, exercise is so repeatedly, this process in small increments, pay attention to the use of muscles, do not over-rely on back muscles, otherwise they will feel abdominal pain。 Want to achieve weight loss goals, it should be done every day before going to bed three groups of 20。 Just follow the motion right before bedtime to do sit-ups is not the problem, it will not affect sleep, but will be conducive to sleep。

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