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Chinese students visit the United States to watch the Republican National People's Congress, according to the United States, "Qiao Bao" compile reports, 2016 US presidential election is in full swing, the US media always are concerned about the election this time a variety of views and opinions, which a group of students from China's point of view attracted media attention。   NBC's local TV stations WFMJ recently interviewed a group of visiting students from China, asked for their views on the US election。 The 23 students from mainland China and the access to learning at Youngstown State University in Ohio (Youngstown State University, hereinafter referred to as YSU), in order to learn more about the US political system, they enrolled in political science courses ( political science), and led the YSU professor Dr. Sigg Strip () down to Cleveland to watch the Republican National Convention, held July 19 through live television, and discussed。   Hillary Clinton still comes to choosing Trump, Chinese students have expressed different views。 One of the students Min Dong (East China, transliteration) said: "Hillary is my idol for many years……While Clinton is my idol, but I would choose Trump……He can do a good job of Government Commerce。 "In addition, a student Virginia Square (VirginiaFang) said:" I will support Hillary because Trump has discriminated against in many ways, such as on immigration and race issues。 "Dr. Sigg Strip very supportive group of Chinese students to discuss the US elections, and their views equally curious, he said:" Trump often mention China, China is our politics, international relations, trade big man。 Therefore, Chinese students come here and see that they are discussing a very interesting thing。 "Students say when their journey home at the end, will return to a very different political and cultural environment, and now the 2016 US presidential election will make them unforgettable experience。 (Evans) Editor: Lu Po。

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