France Caen pilot anti-urine wall "severely affected" area store owners applauded

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  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] France European Times March 20 quoted the French "Le Parisien" reported that the French government Caen Calvados residents in order to prevent urinating in the corner, decided to take a countermeasure, in some neighborhoods try anti-urine paint wall。
The principle is that when a layer of moisture barrier paint on the wall, facing the wall to urinate, the urine will rebound to urinate's pants or shoes。   According to reports, the pilot decided to Caen government currently only 40 square meters in total area of some of the walls, a few weeks after the start will be in the closed-circuit surveillance cameras。 This will quickly assess the effectiveness of the system, and then decide whether to expand the implementation of。
  Some victims are particularly serious initial response to neighborhood stores are very interested。
A pastry shop owner said: The lack of civic-minded uncivilized behavior becomes unbearable。 We must be cleaned every weekend sidewalks and shop windows with plenty of water, so why not try this method yet?Then look at whether this may deter people who are urinating。
  It reported that the only problem is, per square meter of paint required 58 euros (about RMB yuan)。
This has led initially to test the Bordeaux city hall decided not to expand the use of。   Some countries have been widely used anti-urine paint, such as Germany, Hamburg put in a video online praised the effectiveness of the device。

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