Hong Kong for the first time experience "double 12" on-site lively and orderly

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According to Hong Kong media reports, December 12, Hong Kong Market Group and Alipay held special promotions for users in Hong Kong Po Tat Market。 Hong Kong consumers in a short time swept the value of HK $ 600 million for 1212 copies of fresh goods, including HK $ 1 buy Alaskan crab legs and long Kagoshima, Japan and cattle, live lively but orderly。 In October, the treasure of downtown introduced Alipay HK, Hong Kong became the first "intelligent cashless supermarket", currently in the market using payment transactions per capita consumption amounted to HK Po completed 46 HKD, the most commonly used of the three stalls Alipay HK type of seafood, pork and frozen meat。 Alipay HK joint venture on behalf of Chen Wan really said all the scenes Alipay market is currently accessible, the local user to participate in the highest, most daily life scenes。
We want to continue to push for more access to livelihood scene for more Hong Kong people and businesses to provide convenient and secure mobile payment services。 Hong Kong Market Group announced to push the three "non-cash market," the first quarter of next year。
Hong Kong Market Group said it would continue to promote and pay cooperation treasure Hong Kong's future plans in its Taihe market, Leung King Bazaar, Heng market introduction of Alipay HK, to build a modern "cashless market", continued to finance technology-Hong Kong convenience。

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