Summer eat melon melon with you through these summer

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Stomach first melon: Pumpkin summer was wet and hot, not to eat sweets (belonging Feiganhouwei, easy to eat stomach injury), but the pumpkin is an exception, taste sweet but not greasy, but also a good skill – protection mucosa。
Pumpkin is rich in pectin, this substance may be formed in the stomach protective film to prevent stomach irritation spicy food, serve to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa; adsorption of heavy metal but also in the intestine, promoting the discharge。 Since the sugar content in the pumpkin is still very high, so people with diabetes still do not eat well。 Pumpkin, also known as rice melon, pumpkin rice grains road to good。 Pumpkin seeded cut to the flesh, to give it a "sauna", steaming pot for 15 minutes while millet, blood rice, sorghum, rice and other cereals boiled rice mixed。 Finally, one of the pumpkin and cut into small bowl, served in the rice grains inside, good-looking and delicious pumpkin rice grains on the well。 Low sodium and high potassium pumpkin, rich in carotene, the elderly suffering from high blood pressure is well suited。 In the summer diet principles summer, temperatures often 37?Between 39 ℃, up to 40 ℃, far beyond the usual degree of body heat, people living in such high-temperature season, only adapted to safely spend the heat of summer。
Summer heat stress is positive evil, easily hurt Yin Yin wounding the disease。
Illness rapid, short course, more than a strong heat, red red eyes, thirst upset, worse mania, delirium, coma。 Summer eat melon people's physical strength, able to adapt to high temperatures of summer heat, not sick。 The body's heat outwards is excreted by sweating Xiere, the temperature at 28?When 30 ℃, the body will be able to successfully heat leakage。 As the ambient temperature exceeds 34 ℃, sweating blocked, a large number of heat accumulating body, it is easy to heat stroke。 Only the strong body to adapt to such high temperatures, can heat vent loose, not too hot outside invasion insult and disease。 The human body to adapt to the summer climate, the body regulating function is not due to external temperature and dereliction of duty, the kidneys can be adjusted, not the heart Piansheng, not to renal failure, we can guarantee good health。
In the summer high temperature environment, the diet should proceed towards the following five policy supplement and deployment, to add strength, eat healthy – 。

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