Become "one dollar stocks," the new billion * ST, * ST sharp fall how long can power?

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Recently, the "one dollar shares" back from the dead。, And other three companies "finalists", "one dollar stocks" list。Which, * ST sharp electricity at launch six years ago had its issue price of 90 yuan per share, the issue price hit a record high board, but now, * ST sharp electricity between the two cities' first penny stocks "。  In addition, due to the continued loss now suspend the listing of * ST new billion on April 28 disclosure of the company's 2016 Annual Report, unable to operate normally, * ST new billion last year, operating income 1269.770,000 yuan, net profit loss of 318.190,000 yuan。It is worth noting that in 2016 and 2017 audited net profit performance and above * ST billion new controlling shareholder Huijin Wanyuan made earlier promise of not less than 400 million yuan and 500 million yuan a far cry。However, the company said in its annual report has been strict compliance with these commitments, to this end, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a "letter of inquiry", requiring the company to be explanation of why performance "lost promise" under the * ST billion in new。  This week, "Red Week" Connection * ST * ST billion new and sharp electric companies。  * ST suspended for one and a half billion new business restructuring stalled market performance: * ST billion new shares due to restructuring matters since December 7, 2015 suspension, the stock price per share 1.87 yuan (before re right, the same below), the company has yet to resume trading。  Recent Trends: May 2, the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the controlling shareholder of Wanyuan Huijin performance "lost promise" made a "inquiry letter" to the next * ST new billion, the Shanghai Stock Exchange requirements * ST billion new and Wanyuan Huijin respectively disclose Wanyuan profit Huijin commitment made whether strict compliance requirements * ST billion new corrections related to disclosure of the annual report, and requested Wanyuan Huijin disclose the specific reasons for the unfinished performance commitments, profits make up the arrangements and plan the next step。As of press time reporter, * ST billion new has not yet responded to the "letter of inquiry"。  Red Journal connection: In fact, * ST billion in new annual performance of non-compliance with the company's bankruptcy reorganization into a great relationship aground。"Red Week" as an investor call after * ST billion new learned, current, * ST million in new restructuring plan have been implemented, the original business has been stripped, but some activist investors believe that the reorganization plan will devour interests of minority shareholders, the reformed Xinjiang high Court to apply for new billion * ST bankruptcy case retrial, Xinjiang higher People's Court has accepted the filing and review of the application, there is no verification conclusion。In this case, * ST billion in new assets into high-quality can not be, it can not be normal production and business activities。  On the progress of the trial over the case, * ST billion new aspects of people said that in December last year, Xinjiang High Court summoned the parties to a hearing organized, "for when to have a final outcome of the trial, we are not yet known, but the company has been He maintained close ties with the court. "。In addition, the above * ST billion new staff, said the future of the company or the transformation of modern agriculture, large areas such as health。  Red Journal Comments: After a solid control are more variable, the main industry pause, executive general, the company changed its name to terminate the acquisition of a series of moves, * ST billion new bankruptcy reorganization has fallen into the quagmire。Since December 2015 to now, * ST billion new full suspension for a year and a half, which makes more than 30,000 households shareholder trapped。Provide legal assistance to minority shareholders * ST billion new Haijie competition lawyer Wang Zhibin law firm has said that the court retrial let * ST billion new restructuring plan exists "reinvent the wheel" as well, once the restructuring plan "reinvent the wheel" reality, * ST billion in new fear resumption postponed indefinitely。  * ST sharp electric two degrees, "Phi Star hats" a stone's throw from the delisting of market performance: Since 2015 and 2016, huge loss for two consecutive years, Sinovel April 26 this year changed its name to * ST sharp electricity, renamed the day it was immeasurable limit to 1.92 yuan, then it is all the way down。As of May 11, * ST sharp electrical closing price of 1.43 yuan, the two cities became the "first penny stocks"。  Recent trends: If you can not losses in mid-2017, will be the suspension of listing * ST sharp electric outcome。From the current situation, * ST sharp electrical losses is extremely difficult。* ST Rui Electric a quarterly show, the first quarter of this year, * ST sharp electric net profit of -1.4.6 billion yuan, asset-liability ratio is further extended to 87.58% Net cash from operating activities -1.1.9 billion yuan。  Red Journal connection: losses for the company's future strategy, "Red Week" reporter tried to call * ST sharp electric, but after repeatedly call, the company will always be in no one answered the phone。Reporters found after logging investor interactive platform, * ST sharp electrical interaction with investors unspeakable positive。This year, the company answered only two questions investors。Investors in Shanghai?Inquiry on an interactive platform for the company's future security shell program, but received no response from the company, and for "the company huge losses year after year, but said the company has been in normal operation, and has been the major shareholder in cash, investors in the company 'face to face' the questioned, * ST sharp electricity also chose to remain silent。  Red Journal Comments :: 2011 listing of * ST sharp electricity, one of the largest "funding black hole" called on the wave of market, in addition to the 2014-2015 short-term bull market, investors * ST sharp in absolute power most of the time are countless losses。Interpretation of 90 yuan per share, from the time of listing to the current "1 per share", this "high-growth wind power leader," many owe at least a reasonable investor losses。(Original title: become "one dollar stocks," the new billion * ST, * ST sharp fall how long can power?) 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