Central bank will Bitcoin trading classified as anti-money laundering regulatory request to establish customer identification and other rail system

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Bitcoin will be further promote anti-money laundering regulation。  Recently, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) Beijing convened several Bitcoin Exchange held a briefing, issued for comment a draft regulation and under。It calls Bitcoin exchange must establish three systems – anti-money laundering anti-terrorist financing regime, anti-money laundering reporting system and customer identification system。  These meetings are held in March 7, the current draft is basically combining the drafting of practical operation according to "People's Republic of China Anti-Money Laundering Law" and Bitcoin exchange, however, the file has no specific quantitative indicators, is expected to officially document issued after the central bank will launch implementation details。  According to "The Wall Street Journal," March 17 news, in addition to the central bank's draft Bitcoin exchange into the regulatory scope of anti-money laundering laws also require the Exchange customer identification and regulatory compliance Banking。In addition, the Exchange will install the systems used to collect and report suspicious transactions relevant departments of the central bank will be responsible for handling irregularities Bitcoin exchanges。  An industry surging News said that the current Bitcoin exchange to establish the above system is still relatively difficult to quantify the rules a little bit after the need to implement。  From January this year, the central bank "raid" Check the Beijing-Shanghai Bitcoin exchange has been more than two months, one of the key then is to check the implementation of anti-money laundering regime。2 afternoon of May 8, People's Bank of China Business Management Department has clear requirements for Bitcoin platforms: Do not engaged in money laundering, shall not violate relevant national anti-money laundering, payment and settlement of foreign exchange management and other financial laws and regulations, if there is Bitcoin trading platform violation of the above requirements, the circumstances are serious, will draw the relevant departments to be closed down or banned by law。  During the two sessions this year, National People's Congress, People's Bank of China Zhou Xuedong, director of business management department in a media interview, said that as delineated in the regulatory "red line" for Bitcoins and other virtual goods trading platform, the establishment of a negative list of services, requires trading platform not break through. " red line "。Measures for gross violation agencies, will take administrative punishment banned or shut down。Recommended that the bit coins and other virtual goods trading platform into the national Internet banking regulation range being undertaken to rectify norms, strict supervision。  According to "China Securities News" reported that Zhou Xuedong said that there are significant potential risks section Bitcoin trading platform, one of which is part of the agency has not yet established internal control systems and measures against money-laundering compliance, could become a channel for money laundering。He pointed out supervision of all aspects of this year will only strengthen, not relax, the observation period should be set for a bit and currency trading platform operator, dynamic regulatory assessment。  According to Fire currency net offer, after the United States blocked Bitcoin listed on March 11, fluctuations in currency prices experienced a fall by the rise of the current Bitcoin prices are still falling overall range, 13 as of March 18 Bitcoin offer for 7338 yuan, fallen by over 10% within two weeks, in which the central bank by March 17 will be assigned to anti-money laundering regulatory Bitcoin news, Bitcoin closed down 250 yuan super。  At present, the three major Bitcoin exchange – Fire currency network, OKCoin row and currency Bitcoin China is still limiting mention money, in the meantime, China Bitcoin exchange offer slightly lower than the foreign exchange quotations。In addition, Bitcoin trading volume also declined substantially, while one per cent less than the market's peak in early January。  Bitcoin price movements and trading volume icon (data from Fire currency net)

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