The psychological gender differences do you really know the other half

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What are the gender differences in psychological topic has always been an important topic not avoid our lives, and I am sure the sexes are also more or less have some understanding。 Then you know that psychological gender differences have small series to tell us something about the psychological differences of conscience which do the following to see if you really understand the other half of it!A psychological difference between the sexes, men feel after drinking drink after a woman ugly men, women will feel more ugly。 This is the University of Leicester scientists said Eigen。 However, women in the drink without any change。 Not only that men and women are different, the difference between men and women Ten healthy life is not that I'm afraid you do not know the other half of that wonderful world……Second, the woman armpit onion flavor, cheese flavor taste men armpit underarm sweating after heavy women than men。 Female armpit sweat usually exudes onion flavor, the taste of men issued a similar cheese。 Third, women love lounging in front of men to buy women generally hit up his mind before shopping is not wanted nothing to buy, they are spur of the moment to buy that kind of stuff。
But men do decide what to buy a good go straight to the destination。
Psychological gender differences in four women than men painlessly when the pain hit, emotional center of the brain on the woman very active, so that women only focus on the feelings of pain, pain becomes very sensitive。 But in the male brain, the pain will activate cognitive and reasoning area, they will analyze the causes of pain and solutions to resolve some of the pain。

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