Chinese girl won a full scholarship to Harvard while nine were admitted to schools

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Chinese Meiling Li get a full scholarship to Harvard University。
(United States, "World News" / reporter Gao Zi original photo) BEIJING, May 24 – According to the US "World News" reported that the Los Angeles Hacienda Heights Wilson High School graduation ceremony was held for the Local 22 graduates coming out of school。 Chinese girls Meiling Li (VivianLee) recently received the acceptance letter from Harvard University, and more to get a full scholarship, she never deliberately pursue elite said that the surprise would like to thank the parents and the words and deeds of open education。 The Meiling Li applied for a total of six public universities and six private schools, a few days ago has received the admission notice, including Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley, a total of nine college applications。
Meiling Li is a Wilson High School Science Olympiad (ScienceOlympiad) race team ,, Meiling Li performance in and out of school are perfect, but she never wanted to chase schools。
Meiling Li said, at first just want to study in the school on the west coast, not thought to be out of state, but in the application school, her mother casually suggested holding the mentality to try out a resume delivery of Harvard University, did not think of February received an interview, and now can be admitted full scholarship。
She admitted, "It was optional application papers at Harvard, in fact, the initial application or for another university prepared"。
Meiling Li said she was born in a traditional Chinese family and parental relationships very well, usually, and his brother and mother in their busy before the same study, three desks, the impression that the mother do something very focused, and often with her participation in school, Church services, monasteries also learn to do things should stay the course, do not give up, we must take seriously every detail。 In the eyes of his family and friends, LI Mei-ling early age showed surplus to their peers focus and calm, Meiling Li's Chinese teacher Jiang Shuzhen said that she made from the fourth grade to Mei Ling Chinese tutor, with other children restless, playing different, then the ultra-Mei Ling had to focus their peers, calligraphy, each time to complete the job very seriously。 Jiang Qin mother record (CareyJiang) revealed, this time applied to Harvard University, though not the daughter of the plan, but it is their own selfish。 When her daughter left a university To apply, she only suggested it did not expect to come true。
Talking about parenting, Jiang record the piano, she said she has been open educational words and deeds。 She said many parents, she grew Mei Ling also hopes to fully develop, so give her daughter reported the painting, piano, soccer and many other extra-curricular classes, but as her daughter grew increasingly self-perception have their own interests, as parents daughter will no longer be forced to learn, but to give her adequate space deepening in areas of interest。 Editor: Fei Fan。

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