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(A) writer Dan children in 1935 in Shanghai, there is a woman named Dan children, she writes articles for newspapers beach at the time of the international metropolis and write their own books。  Dan children themselves are Suzhou next to Shanghai, she had a natural talent text, to be valued, "Xinmin Evening News" newspaper, and the newspaper was struck metropolis on the beach, specially written articles for newspapers。  At that time Shanghai is an international metropolis has been the prototype, the market is flooded with all kinds of guns, Yang Huo, kerosene, etc. Bang Yang Ting ,, these will often lined neighborhood of tree with karaoke, dance halls, teahouses, cafes, etc. signage。  Shanghai even have their own movies and movie stars, the first batch of movie stars is that there Shanghai sky。  From these it seems, really is true international metropolis Shanghai in the name of the first。  In the era of messy that talent, there has been such a large number of talented writer Eileen Chang, Dan children。  In the words of Dan child, she described it this way people in Shanghai and the Shanghai  “Shanghai woman has a vision of the atmosphere, speak softly language of the Wu Kingdom, but also to understand some of doping in a foreign language Ting Yang Bang, Shanghai woman has, like silk and slim, wearing those colored brocade dress, infinite style, they will Shanghai's gleaming in the night civet cats eyes, like the temptation, the temptation of this world, in short, any point not worse than those of foreign women blonde。”  “Whenever Shanghai began to rain, there is always a bleak sense of the times,”She is so describe that era。  With her writing talent, her articles always a published, sold out, life can be, but always felt something missing in life。  (B) Where the book and meet in a spring night, Shanghai began to rain, her eyes became lost and upset, the man walked, went to Peking。  This is perhaps hope to go a lifetime。  Their meeting, she remembered。  That day, children go out to Dan destined for Shanghai, Suzhou River a little thing。That day she was wearing a cheongsam, wearing lipstick, tall, long legs and slim, she has always been so beautiful with。  After that arrived at the river, far away to see the youth wearing a starched tunic was there。  His name is the book where, in northern Jiangsu Ganyu people, a revolutionary party, a life dedicated to the volunteer revolutionary ideals of the revolutionary cause people。  He came to this river today is the task, and he is superior to the revolutionary organization of joint。  His tall stature, northern Jiangsu typical tall, angular face, long eyelashes, bright eyes, northern Jiangsu typical appearance, coupled with starched tunic that looks like a small green Like vegetables。  Later, he met her, he liked her。  They went to see the Shanghai rain the night, with the idea of some of the old stories。  They hold a paper umbrella in Suzhou River nestled in the Intrigue's together。。…..  “I met you from the beginning of the day, I had to start to believe in fate。I believe that all the world is destined to encounter good from the start, it is also destined to separate。”  This is Dan child with your own text, give her those memories and his last comments。  (C) north of the Japanese full-scale invasion against Japan in 1937, Peking revolutionary organizations need people who want to go northward anti-Japanese books, directly facing the Japanese。  She wanted him to stay in Shanghai, for her, for their love。  He walked to Peking, he never came back, the devotion to the revolutionary cause。Proof of the families of the revolutionary left, the revolutionary organization by mail。  In Shanghai, only in Shanghai get thoughts from Peking alley, the previous several letters communications, and those without a home of hope。  A weak woman can not control that tumultuous era, we can only accept those thoughts and concerns, whether it was a good year or a bad year。Just because she is a weak woman, she can not change anything, the book can not change who leave。  Everyone always live in the presence of her era, the era to drown you, you have no other reason。  She was just about the age of a weak woman, beautiful and fragile。  Many people at the time who said that the book does not fool around a figure of a woman, like silk, stay on the beach, but everywhere, engage in any revolution, democracy。  Those people laugh his descendants have lived a happy life only because of the sacrifice of those who are revolutionary only because aspiring youth that starched tunic, if the book to see those who can live the National Day holiday, to see those free love people, I think the book will laugh all the。  All are happy to pay homage to those who fight for someone without those tragic revolutionary pioneer of revolutionary sacrifice how there will be a happy life today。  No matter what age, what time, maybe have a true love exists, whether tragic, regardless of precarious, this is a true love of the world, is not it。  Shanghai always began to rain, the rain had looked in his eyes like her cat, but those are love a piece of paper in the empty dream of drifting away from the storm's。

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