HSP much harm in the end?HSP five clinical symptoms

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Some patients want to know after suffering from allergic purpura, which cause I just do not touch my food allergies are not do not go to the hospital, my own allergic purpura can cure allergic purpura how much harm in the end!You may not know, let's together to understand the dangers of allergic purpura and clinical symptoms。
Allergic purpura hazards 1, recurrent, allergic purpura hazards may occur complications such as gastroenteritis, nephritis, arthritis, symptoms such as abdominal pain, blood in the urine or the urine protein appears, joint pain ; 2, recurrent purpura repeated, giving an idea of the pressure, that the disease can not be cured, treatment of loss of confidence, delay the timing of treatment, which is allergic purpura hazards; 3, doctors told them If you can not be cured, you may have kidney disease uremia, which of course is true, but also increased the psychological burden of patients, resulting in critically ill patients, diagnosis and treatment can not be scientific, but harm the patient, which is harmful allergic purpura ; 4, as well as harm the doctor HSP is no way to control the disease or anxious, a lot of hormone therapy or hormone abuse, leading to side effects of the hormone performance significantly, causing the patient a lot of pain, such as hirsutism, obesity, stocks bone necrosis, moon face and other issues, there will be a greater immune system problems, despair and caused endless suffering to the patient。5, purpura greater harm to the patient, and in the winter it would get serious。
Purpura must pay attention to the prevention of influenza, not indiscriminate use of antibiotics treatment。
Patients should establish a scientific concept of treatment as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment, and also good care in their daily lives, the only way to have a good therapeutic effect, restore healthy skin。
The clinical symptoms of allergic purpura of (1) acute purpura purpura nephritic syndrome mainly acute nephritic syndrome is hematuria, proteinuria, edema and hypertension, more acute onset。(2) rapidly progressive nephritis rapidly progressive nephritis acute onset, early stage have little or no urine, renal function impairment, was rapidly progressive nephritis, a sharp deterioration in the condition, often in a short time died of renal failure。
(3) Light Light nephritis nephritis showed asymptomatic hematuria, proteinuria, edema, hypertension or renal impairment。
(4) Chronic nephritic syndrome purpura purpura nephritis, chronic slow onset syndrome, skin changes subsided after nephritis symptoms persist, often accompanied by varying degrees of renal impairment, pathological changes diffuse proliferative changes, or may be formed with crescent kidney small ball sclerosis。
(5) purpura purpura nephrotic syndrome nephrotic syndrome most associated with renal dysfunction, severe glomerular lesions, often accompanied by varying degrees of crescent formation。
Crescentic glomerular epithelial cell wall significant proliferation, accumulation layering croissant formed around the capillary plexus。
Tips: When you find that patients with more than five temporary symptoms should actively to the hospital for treatment, a balanced diet nutrition, attention to rest, maintain a good mood。related suggestion。

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