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How to determine the degree of ankle sprain?Ankle sprain is the easiest part, you know how we should judge the degree ankle sprain it?Following small to tell you exactly how to determine the degree of ankle sprain。
How to determine the degree ankle sprain in patients with acute sprain symptoms were pain, skin congestion。
May have serious synovium or cartilage damage, characterized by swelling and tenderness around the ankle, the ankle joint mobility。
When torn ligament or fracture, ankle fracture injury or side pain, swelling is more obvious。 Patients repeated injury, joint capsule often relaxed, easy secondary cartilage damage synovitis, osteophyte and other articular surface, occurs within a wide range of chronic joint pain or injured side, tenderness, swelling, or heels when walking on uneven roads, insecure and legs hit the soft performance。 Many patients do this deeply troubled, and had a thick bandage wrapped around the outer ankle brace in order to increase the sense of security。 After ankle sprain, patients often need to take X-ray, to exclude fracture found in osteophytosis。
MRI (magnetic resonance) clearly show damage cartilage, ligaments and synovium, combining history and physical examination, the doctor will be able to make a correct diagnosis, and to be the appropriate treatment to eliminate the factors leading to pain and enhance joint stability, relieve symptoms。 How to determine the extent of treatment ankle sprain of ankle sprain rest (rest): patients with ankle sprain should immediately stop moving, and to avoid possible limb weight-bearing and walking。 At the same time, should immediately go to the nearest hospital。
Patients should be routinely shoot X films, in order to rule out the possibility of ankle fracture, if there is a clear X-ray ankle fracture, you should decide whether surgery according to fracture displacement situation。
Since almost all acute ankle sprain patients have varying degrees of ankle ligament injuries, even if the X-ray examination found no obvious fracture, should a conventional plaster or fixed limb ankle brace 4 weeks, the braking limb, avoid weight-bearing, prevent exacerbations。

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