People love winter feet have to look, do it better than any tonic!

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Winter many of my friends are like feet, it is indeed a good habit。
Is not only a pleasure, the key to it, add a little material in the water, disease prevention and health!In particular, the recent cold very hot, cold hands and feet, chapped, even cold, etc., you can try the following ways to introduce Julie。Add a little material effect of good ginger contains ginger treatment of cold hands and feet "gingerol", can speed up blood circulation, prompting the pores open, discharged and cold germs in the body。The ginger a thumb-sized, flat or shoot sections, and then immersed into the hot water, until the temperature of the feet can be appropriate。
A lot of benefits with ginger feet, can fend off the cold, treat colds, kidney care, alleviate rheumatism and arthritis symptoms, the decision is most convenient to winter health trick to save money?Anti-anti-pepper hair is not only the pepper seasoning, is also a medicine, there Huoxuetongluo, enhance immune function, for the treatment of stomach diseases, headaches, insomnia has a good role。The pepper into the cotton bag, with rope tied shut promoter, add water to boil, which pepper water is OK。Bedtime soak time, until the skin redness feet, the body a little sweat on it。
Pepper packets can repeatedly use a week or so, stick with it, improve blood can be effective anti-aging, prevention and treatment of gray hair。
Salt sterilization treatment of athlete's foot salt has a good effect for disinfection and exfoliating, with thermal water, brine naturally have the ability to clean。Feet of salt water method is very simple, that is adding the right amount of salt in hot water。
But the wounds of the foot pro, do not do that on the first。
Often feet with brine, together with the recess at the front portion Yongquan foot massage, sleep aids can play, the decompression effect!Leaves warm the lung to moisture leaves are commonly used in acupuncture, also known as "medical grass", with wormwood feet can improve lung function is very beneficial for people suffering from bronchitis and cough white sputum easy。The leaves can take a small boil water after the feet, ankles had no need of water, preferably while rubbing your feet, so that better!But the need to pay attention to their feet time not too long, about 15 minutes on OK, or likely to cause blood supply to the brain oh ring true。
Safflower safflower actually cure back pain is a common plant, it belongs to the chrysanthemum classes, medicine relieving dysmenorrhea, magical joint pain。The method used is very simple, as long as the saffron into the water to boil, plus a spoonful of cooking salt, smoked after the first leg feet。
Winter feet with red flowers, warm sleep aids, plus safflower with blood circulation, promote blood circulation effect, the problems of back pain will be a good therapeutic effect。
Baking soda baking soda blood pressure we used to do kitchen cleaners, odor, used to make the skin becomes smooth and soft feet, for the feet recover from fatigue, harmless。
First in salt water, boil and then into the baking soda, stir scattered。Use baking soda feet can improve blood circulation, dilation of peripheral blood vessels, increase metabolism, and they played a certain lowering blood pressure Editors:。

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