Cause of corns they shall not escape corns

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What are the cause of corns is very common, it often appears in the foot and other parts, may seem minor, but still have a lot of the human body injury。
So what is it cause of corns following small series to tell us something about the cause of corns, you must not let them escape corns!Cause of corns feet are now a lot of people the president corns, which is why especially women, in order to show exquisite figure, so wear shoes deliberately small shoes, and this has led to constant friction of the foot, making it easy Corn will grow out。 But after Zhang corns out until only regret。 So, corns in the end what harm it we need to know, the shoe size of corns affect the softness of the sole is also an important factor。 Good shoes soft bottom high degree, then a long way to go even if it will not feel slightly foot, the pain will ease。
Now many people do not wear shoes when the insole, and even do not wear socks。
Such direct contact with the foot and the shoe, and more likely to cause corn, worse。 Get used to cushion insole, and it is best to buy handmade cloth insoles to help reduce friction。
Corn is also a disease, this corn is not part of the body, he can bring discomfort to the body, such as; pain。
But generally does not lead to anything else complications。 Corn patient but is generally difficult to walk, and intolerable pain, salicylic acid and dicarboxylic acid treatment is an effective treatment, and after carefully removing the core Corn deleted, can be coated with 40% salicylic acid plaster, after 48 hours removing plaster, white impregnated wipe, and then a new plaster, and so forth, until the healing Corn。
If there are multiple corns, corns or large, it is recommended to the hospital for general surgery procedures to be excavated。 Corn Corn is the cause of the bones rub the feet and shoes or even within a foot adjacent to each other due to friction。
Here teach you the best way to remove some of the moisture and soften corns。
1.If you with brine pain and painful corns by foot, it may be dipped into warm water and salt solution to ease pain。
Do foot and then stuffed tight shoes, or else will be more painful corns。 2.You can soak up a lot of long immersion foot thick cocoon of very pale chamomile tea, this tea party soften hard skin。 While this tea stains will be contaminated with the foot, but can be easily removed with soap and water。

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