SPA aromatherapy massage techniques to master the principles of these four points

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SPA aroma massage techniques to master the principles of these four points, the following small series details for you。
Aromatherapy is a pure natural plant therapy, all kinds of plant essential oils benefit the human body, using a variety of methods to penetrate into the human body to dissolve in blood, stimulate the body's healing comfortable, calm and regeneration, to prevent the effectiveness of treatment, and traditional chemical skin care essentially different, is a safe, reliable and really achieve healthy skin and natural beauty treatments, will give people the future of the new century has brought endless self-confidence。
On aromatherapy massage, the technique is relatively soft, gentle way to wake up because the most subtle perception cells, but also to make more physical and mental health。 SPA aroma massage techniques can actually change on their own, as long as you can master the principles of these four points: 1, heart massage, massage by those who feel the warmth。
The SPA aromatherapy massage techniques to master these four points Principle 2, slow, not too impatient person so more intense massage。 Ask those who can feel the massage at any time, to adjust the strength of massage。 3, with the subject's breathing massage massage techniques, will make the process smoother, massage feels more comfortable。
4, carried out with awareness。 To convey love and warm feelings of massage, massage by those who have a totally different feeling, although it is very subtle, can not be put into words, but it really can get hard feelings。

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