In the end can not eat liver poisoning?How to correct liver detoxification (1)

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  Recently I came across a few friends asked me, said: In certain myopia or circle of friends to see that above, can not eat poisonous, it is true or false?In the end can not eat pork liver?What are the nutritional liver?Efficacy and role of the liver in which?How to eat healthy liver?  Eat and "poisoning" is true or false?  Under normal circumstances, a healthy liver will decompose all toxic substances through the kidneys and out in vitro, not hoarding itself and toxic substances, so human liver, the liver is no different from other animals。
When the liver lesions appear to lose their ability to metabolize and detoxify, accumulation of toxic substances in the liver will, if people eat the liver of this disease, the pathogens and toxic and hazardous substances into the human body will damage health。Therefore, eating the liver would "poison" was not completely alarmist。
  How healthy eating?  Now do you want to cut now, after placing fresh cut pork liver bile will flow over time, not only the loss of nutrients, and there are many particles condense on the liver, affect the appearance and quality of the fry, so after liver slices should quickly wet starch and seasoning mix, and as soon as the pot。After the liver slices, repeatedly washed with running water until no blood leaking, which can effectively remove the toxin remaining in the liver。
  1, the liver is the largest organ detoxification poison transfer station and the body, so do not rush to buy fresh cooking liver, the liver should be rinsed in tap 10 minutes, and then soaked in water 30 minutes; 2, the cooking time should not be too short, at least should fire emergency in the fire for more than 5 minutes to become completely brown liver, see bloodshot go; 3, the best treatment of anemia with spinach; 4, often a special smell, before cooking, first to wash with water hepatic blood, then stripped thin-skinned, into the dish, add appropriate amount of milk let soak for a few minutes later, the liver can remove odor; 5, now cut to make and, after placing the cut fresh liver bile will flow over time, not only the loss of nutrients, and there are many particles condense on the liver, affect the appearance and quality of the fry, so after liver slices should quickly sauces and wet starch and mix well, and as soon as the pot。
  The efficacy and role 1, to promote the growth and development with the promotion of growth and development。Protein, lecithin, trace element content of the liver are very rich, children eat liver conducive to mental development and physical development。
  2, the role of blood and blood effect most of my friends should have a better understanding。
Since the liver is very rich in iron, eat liver can regulate and improve the physiological function of the hematopoietic system of patients with anemia, the liver is the most common blood food food。
  3, nutritional value lies in the efficacy of detoxification can play a role in detoxification。
Regular consumption of animal liver can also vitamin B2, which supplement the body of coenzyme important to complete the body has an important role in some of the detoxification of toxic ingredients。
  4, can improve immunity enhance immune function。
Pig liver with vitamins?And selenium, can enhance the body's immune response, eating liver can play anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and so do with, people are healthier。
  5, eye protection can be well protected from harm human eyes。Liver is rich in vitamin A, has a role in maintaining normal growth and reproductive function, maintain healthy skin。Vitamin A is another eye is most needed nutrients, so eat liver can alleviate vision loss。  6, the nutritional value of anticancer effect is to have anti-cancer function。
Liver has more anticancer substance and containing particulate matter with a strong tumor suppressor and anti-fatigue。

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