Female ovulation and when ovulation What are the symptoms

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When the female ovulation?Many people do not know their ovulation, and ovulation for women is very important during this time have good health, do you know what time of ovulation women do?Following small to tell you what time of ovulation women。 Female ovulation prepare pregnant women to master what time of ovulation help increase the chances of pregnancy。
What time is it ovulation ovulation can be calculated in accordance with the menstrual cycle, usually from the first day of the next menstrual cramps, countdown 14 days or minus 14 days is the ovulation day, 5 days before the day of ovulation, ovulation day , ovulation four days later, the three add up to time of ovulation。 For example, the menstrual cycle of 30 days to count, the first day of menstruation is September 1, then the next menstrual cramps is October 1, and then from October 1 countdown 14 days, then September 17 day is the day of ovulation。 5 days before, the day of ovulation, ovulation four days later ovulation date, which is September 12 to September 21 ten days is the ovulation。 Under ovulation will be pregnant normal circumstances, women ovaries monthly discharge of a mature egg。 If intercourse during this period, then the chances of pregnancy will be larger。
However, it is not necessarily able to successfully conceive。 After ovulation period when sperm excreted in the female reproductive conduit average survival time were: vaginal hours, 48 hours cervix, uterus 24 hours, 48 hours fallopian tube; a ovum from the ovary and the oviduct about 12 survived 16 hours。
Where sperm and egg in the fallopian tube or in the vicinity of cumulus。 Experts suggest that one week before ovulation sex once every two days, it will give the sperm in advance or arrive oviduct and egg meet, that sexual intercourse was significantly higher than the rate of pregnancy after ovulation intercourse。

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