Future actuation married woman (5)

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Young married woman, I just came out Gude Temple。You wake up, I harbored a feeling of awe and sorrow and grief to burn a stick of incense。Recently depressed heart ah, seeing with my colleagues together one by one by the company nothing, I do not know what time of the end。Pressure ah, do not want to say this, every day, hung on his lips say tired, and wanted to say to you, but do not know where you are now, you are now in the womb which it?Or was it the bad boy holding hands which?Or is it what son of a bitch hurt?I do not know, I have not found you。So, I chose to find Buddha。    Looking back I was only a little impression of Buddha Buddha of compassion I go —!In living this infighting, intrigues the place, my only fear is the Buddha of compassion, right?Buddha“This non-Banyan tree, nor stand mirror, had no one, where dye dust。”Meditation know the only one on the Buddha's teachings, knelt down at the moment, my heart whom shocked, tears want out。Buddha ah, can I ask you to bless me go through ups and downs of this world do?Buddha ah, can I ask you this way I understand the hypocrisy of it?Buddha ah, can I ask you the charity of my life to comfort you?Buddha ah, can I ask you a mortal I should have it all?Prostrate at your feet, why my heart will be so shivering?Curled up in front of you, why I have not found serenity share belongs to me?Look at your eyes, why I still can not smile with your smile?  Perhaps, my heart too many installed。The moment of birth, fate has given me a sensitive heart, destined Every little throbbing in my life met, will be in my heart a wave of the sea waves。As she turned a casual, his casual remark, or they burst casual joy。Fengyun sensitive heart, wrap a bandage around low self-esteem, so I face the old, dim vision。In this way, it flashed on the twenty-one!I have tried to find that confidence and courage belong to my share, but I found in bumps, my effort was so small。  Maybe I think too many hearts。Buddha, there are eight people suffering: birth, old age, sickness and death, love parting, complain long, seeking not, fit。Why is often met in front of the arrival of these moments, I always feel deja vu?Why often when I heard these things, I always feel very indifferent?Why things often met one time, my mind is always unconsciously jumped out the words to?I thought of many things unwarranted, did not let me into money, made me long cocoon。  Maybe, I'm longing for love, but want to retain the right not to love this worldly feelings let me see through a lot of contradictions, but also a lot of indifferent。Buddha“Methodology are students, all Department of fate, chance encounter, Muran's back, destined to each other's life, only for the eyes of the intersection of the moment。Jimie origin, raw edge is empty。”I am a secular person, of course, can not escape the stakeholders of。  When I stood up in front of the Buddha, an old woman's voice behind him“Young man, come and help me put this bag back to go to the Goddess of Mercy Church”。That bag was heavy, old lady led the way, carrying the bag I stumbled go, turn in, I left the bag placed in front of Avalokitesvara。As a reward, the old lady gave me nine discs, there are a monk bag, and then the world love two, with a total of six other。  Time to leave the monastery, only to find that the body covered with paper dust falling down。I gently brushed away the dust off, somewhere I felt it all seems to be the Buddha's clear, so that moment, I relieved。    Young married woman, how I want you to see, silly big smile at the moment。..

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