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The day before the month, 3:00 to wake up the Internet to read news, stumbled Hefei thirty Kong Half Marathon news, suddenly want to experience, I immediately signed up online。    The next day a check, the application is successful, time is 2015041404: 04, number 00386, still quite early。This event is the Luyang District Government and jointly organized Sina Anhui, Hefei thirty Gangxiang place at the most beautiful country road, in full accordance with the formal rules of the game。Well-known online media joined in the propaganda big advantage, making this event attracted a small horse Concord Mayo across the country, applicants flocked to 1000 individuals and 2000 groups reported full quota early, I was secretly glad that they start early, otherwise we lose the opportunity to experience at home half of the horse。    I have almost no previous experience any decent sports, mainly to walk the road, but also when there is enough time to walk to work, walk as far as 20 kilometers, but not normalized。After stepping down better, gout do not make it, basically have to go twelve hours a day, and nothing more。After the name of the newspaper, and quickly went to look at the marathon case, and immediately felt some impulse。Half marathon distance is 21.09 km, this is not a critical problem, the key is to rule half horse race, to finish the course within three hours the purpose of completing the race, over time the terminal closed, did not finish the person is accommodated on the bus。I think in my situation, let alone run, is that we can go all the way is very good, it has definitely become impossible if the limit。But already signed up, but also how the experience。So to increase the amount of exercise a day, morning and afternoon each apricot park around the inner ring road brisk walking, even went on foot Huihang Mix together the trail, but also with his wife traveled to the nearby mountains and rivers, increasing the opportunities for outdoor activities, hoping to put in a month endurance and speed up a little promotion。    Who knows haste makes waste, Huizhou guilty of gout return home nest 10 days, the unrest has not been well clear。Though still adhere to the park every day around the apricot, but only brisk walking, jogging, then, less than 500 meters out of breath and ankle pain。The best of times, brisk walking 7-8 minutes per kilometer, would walk a dozen kilometers a day; running can persist 1km time in about seven minutes, but this is not a sustainable rate, can sprint short distances, long fight certainly not endurance。So mentally let down, just practicing brisk walking every day, no longer make an effort to run, but do not dream finish within three hours of。As game time approached, I gradually clear their own goals, no matter how long, stick the whole journey。Then in order to encourage their own, plus one do not believe the fight for goals, and strive to three hours the whole journey。    Two days before the game received a participating package, which has a white short-sleeved T-shirt, a timing chip, a number cloth, a game manual。His wife asked to let his son drive us to the game, she gave me a cheerleader together with his son。I'm not sure of the situation of the game, his wife with his son at the scene, what do you take care of Ye Hao, they agreed。May 17 morning, we arrived at the village of thirty Township peach footpath, start and end points of the game are located here。Since 7:30 to implement traffic control, so almost all of the competition has been ahead of the scene, the huge parking lot full of parked cars, the various functional areas are full of people, even before the men's room were lined up in a long queue, I the first time I saw the men's room line up the scene, suddenly felt the hardships of event organization and there is inevitably omissions。    The launch of sort of a bit complicated, too many people on stage to speak, for several minutes over a predetermined time。I pushed the first phalanx, starting gun sounds, people like the tides flooded out。My mood to be around people infected, the spirit is very excited, involuntarily along with everyone running up together。Unwittingly, the software running on the phone told me that already ran one kilometer with a time of less than 6 minutes, and my breathing, shortness of breath phenomenon does not appear as before, then continued to run。Gradually began to breath, the people behind the wave of wave over me, and I quickly stopped running, brisk walking instead, take a deep breath at the same time in a row。Breath soon subsided, the situation can still feel it and began to run。After two kilometers, right ventral began heavy feeling, only then to a walk。Get up in the morning and found a small finger nail edge a little barb, gave readily pulled out, usually are doing this, never a problem。But this time, burns at the little finger pulled off there is bleeding, even more run time。Adhere to go 3.The first depot 5 km, nurse seriously for a moment, wrapped a Band-Aid, not oozing blood。I seize the time to drink two glasses of cola volunteers handed, there has been a feeling of energy, will continue to run up。    After five kilometers, serious physical decline, can not start running, even brisk walking speed and walking almost。This time has entered the big Yang Road, is the online hype of Hefei's most beautiful rural roads。Before the game I was driving with his wife came once, is to the front of the artists' village Cui Gang play, felt really beautiful, but now exhausted, to see what views do not think the United States, just want to lie down and rest a。In my“Worth a stroll”When, back up a“rabbit”。“rabbit”Event organizers are chosen leader, who guided the fast speed control, encourage slow persist in the end。Only“rabbit”A girl is extra baggage, Malaysia recorded 3 hours。She saw me gave me encouragement, awesome uncle, you will be able to finish the race, refueling!She ran very slow, I have some doubts, ask her such a pace can finish it?She's safe to say, can, I also set aside five minutes depot miles。Looking at her Shenqingziruo unhurried state, my confidence, and followed her to run slowly, gradually forget the fatigue。Ran a few hundred meters, I was breathless to。“rabbit”Told me that, like you beginning runners, endurance is limited, go for a run can take some of the ways to avoid knee injuries。Listen to her say this, I insist on jogging with her, but I was out of breath, she was nothing, like, I soon fell on her behind。I think this does not work, so he changed tactics, with relatively fast speed to go“rabbit”The previous paragraph, and then began to walk, until“rabbit”Up, I run again, so again, make sure not to fall“rabbit”Fight with her finish the course。As a result, attention shifted, physical discomfort is not so sensitive, actually 10 kilometers inadvertently passed, this time to the last time more than one hour, I began to daydream to finish。    Alternate process run away, we see people keep on receiving the car, not an ambulance Ming from time to time the shrill siren roaring past, and I actually state so far to improve, those previously discomfort but gradually subsided, this let my confidence greatly enhanced。Happened to see next bit diminutive old man, slow but steady breath, ran all the way forward, it looks age should have their sixties and seventies。I ran Coushang talk to him talk, you know Father Wang, this year has been 79 years old, I usually run, marathon also participated in a lot of very strong body。Looked like he came out with confidence, even more fired up my momentum, I'm younger than him exactly 20 years old, there is no reason not to persist in the end, no difficulty can not be overcome。There Father and small“rabbit”Two reference benchmark, I confidently run away together, and soon the phone to remind I have completed 14 km and 7 kilometers to the finish line, but time just over two hours。    Victory is in sight ah!I summon the courage to continue walking and running。Chuhe is now on the main canal, concrete pavement began transpiration heat, sun in the sky gradually warm up, I drink two saliva at every filling station, also on the way to pick up others discarded mineral water, pouring in his head on his knees and cooling。In this way forward, even to see the peach footpath in front of the village。We ran a circular route, starting from the south of the village, returned from the north of the village, and now finally to the junction north of the village。We are happy with, crossing signs and staff prompt and move two kilometers reentry!People suddenly on the verge of collapse, legs straight ahead, that is coming, but there are over 4 km!The original circular route distance is not enough, it extends two kilometers east of the village rim Chuhe main channel, set up in reentry point 2 kilometers, valid through the return point chip record。No way, only adhere to the teeth。    Struggling to return to the village from the return point, 500 meters from the finish, but only left a few minutes time, and I've really exhausted, completely abandoned the idea of three hours to finish the race, dragging old legs straight fight , moving forward step by step forward, hoping to rely on their last bit of energy, the whole journey。Just then, I heard shouting in front of the father's voice, looked up, his son was holding a cell phone while taking pictures side ran over to greet me。I could run with his son say, for coming to an end now。But he kept encouraging his son, awesome dad, you'll do!Then he took my hand phone and hat, in front of me running up。I was a hot, as if suddenly injected a huge amount of energy, the move to stride forward, run by the walk, and eventually even to follow up the son of sprint。In the admission mouth, his wife waving at me, roadside volunteers, spectators are to cheer me on, I finally ran into the venue in cries, I finally get past the finish line in 3 hours!Son in the front end of the record the moment I pass through, I also unimaginable to get a medal finish in the。His wife rushed to hug me, and then we left together holding medals happy group photo。    Among the thirty Gang half horse experience, I deeply realize that human potential is huge, as long as the courage to fight, never give up, victory often in that insist on what efforts。Of course, we must respect the objective laws, to do whatever things。Especially our elderly, we must Suishun inclusive, progressive and healthy and happy and enjoy life。(April Yi Wei first day, May 18, 2015, at the Fei)

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