Love through different times

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About Red circumstances, than said most love it, what“Pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish”,what“I look back, that person is in the dim light……”  However, one day read such an essay, can not help but moved to tears……  The story says so: for Nannvzhiqing, Ji Xiaolan told a little story: a man in a hurry the night and saw a man and a woman oncoming。The man is a“韶秀 cute”Pianpianshaonian, it is a woman“Stooped to bring stick”The white-haired old woman。The traveler wanted to, it is a mother, day so late, they will certainly have to like me have reason to catch the night road。However, no。Look at the old woman, went so far as to make fun of the teenager in。The traveler thought himself dazzled, looked again and saw the scene actually still Qianfan。The traveler can not help the heart cursed:“Bah, what a shameless witch child, even a worthy tease baby do Shaonian Lang。”  The next day, passers-line angrily told a friend to listen to these things。After listening to his friends laughed:“But you are passing a cemetery, but you thrown in a couple——Her husband died early, his wife had just passed away last night was the first night the couple reunited in the afterlife。Man and his wife flirting, Ganqing anything?”  It was a warm person's story。I think the man's name should be called“Wait”It?In their lives, etc., in the lonely middle, so too the flowers have wrinkled face, such as monthly child was also a loss of face, and so that even the“Wait”Word-shaped thin as a skeleton of the die……Day and night, month and year after year, that ethereal soul, how worthy of Acacia sorrow——Jun hope had come, but fear there are too many lofty Red tie him; afraid of the king had come, they can not withstand the cold world of sudden cold rain。So, we had to wait。  Years finally brought lovers and own a collective memory of。Two world love, general feelings。Do not say in front of the old woman has hair bald tooth danger, she is to make the call“Wait”The man and several world have no complaints woman ah。She lived value, the value of death; young enough value, old value was。Under the moon and stars, in the genial side, her love, then some lingering plaintive, her mind some beautiful flower。She snuggled up that loved her man, he said softly:“You like the person you want to like, now, you people going home with you。”  I believe that every person reading this story will surely love for this beautiful Qi Wan deeply moved, it made me think of this love through different times better……  I think true love is two souls embrace, melting and intimate collision, not about time and space, family, but not about the age gap。  One day they read in so many words to: Jun with me not there, I was born old。Jun hate I was born late, I hate Jun students early。Jun with me not there, I was born old。Hate not born at the same time, a good day and the king。I was born is not, I was born old monarch。we live far away from each other。I was born is not, I was born old monarch。Butterfly actively look for flowers, grass habitat every night.    It is deeply felt, I think true love is no rich or poor, not about yin and yang, the two separated, no attention to gossip about on secular age gap, not about good match, not about……  As long as true love, true love is long, it is the courage to love it, do not miss the limited and short-lived the good life,

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