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[REVIEW] Alas, this life, Qingshenyuanqian.End of the World right close to the heart, is missing relentless torment.Broken, fragmented, bleeding.Are past life breakthrough, only to leave this life injuries?  We meet, it is so poetic.That day encounters, not a miracle, is a continuation of years of my crazy Italian.I am in life after life cycle of waiting, hope, pure, for this life and you can see each other again.  But, God intends to make fun of you and me.Miss flowering, shade through summer, autumn frustrated, but why meet in the cold depths of winter!  That night, Yuet Wah frost, light fog dream.I was going to pose the most beautiful, the most beautiful makeup; War burial season bleak, sad I,.Quezen material, you will come riding Lie Lie north wind Xiaoxiao, accidental?It is inevitable?I shocked, surprised, my heart, tears!  Your cold eyes, like your shadow deserted.Cold, indifferent, aloof, but it bears sad.I feel bad to see, I see tears over surplus.  I could not, in the poetry of the lyrics rhyme in attentive reading your article, I want to use my tight with you to some warm spring, to forever.From then on, you became my only word poetry soul soul, my prose because of you wonderful romantic!  You say, not reality, let us in the network, a splash of ink carnal, heating and write poetry you use way to eat only a fleeting posture with the text, with a wonderful hyun blossoming love a gorgeous downtown!  Mo flowers, you go to a cold brown jacket.Tang riding a thin horse, through the desolate and sad Song of the Yuan, and I were drunk south of the misty rain.  Gardenia open, bustling pale exhausted, helpless waving, injury leave.I remember with joy, sadness dry Commission!  If you have not met, I do not mind withered to death.Watching the sky fireworks blossoms do, leaving only an empty desolate loneliness.Who’s fault?If the fireworks did not bloom, the sky would not be so sad lonely; if did not have a downtown, the sky is still deep calm.  Clouds dream, things scattered into space?No, that’s brilliant moment, only a moment it is doomed to eternal.The moment is the United States, the United States was choking, but it became eternal pain and longing!  Pink memories, dark blue thoughts.Fortunately or life?Xu, a robbery, is inescapable a robbery, is a subject of regret robbery!  You are my past life of the prince, has become my life’s passing, our Lu Yu is bound to be sad ending.Pain, frustration, is relatively silent tears of thousands of lines.  Did you ever know?Sunny day, your happy smile, can be turned into fresh air flow to my heart; blue days, you tell resolve, it makes me willing to hold all your mind, and then back to bite you sincere consolation and encouragement.Even when the rainy sky, tears dripping from his face, and your gentle voice, as far floated soothing, fragrant incense turned into a towel, wiped off tears Nazhen track, let me as see clear blue skies rainbow hanging.  Should the people in this life, we are not different from two of the world.We can work together horizon, touring around the scenic mountains and rivers; fly wing to wing, to explore the dream of paradise!  Should this life, we are not Brief Encounter.We can weave you till I accompanied to the old: My Mexican Institute for you, your eyebrow for me; you shallow sing for me, I eat only for you.Alas, this life, Qingshenyuanqian.End of the World right close to the heart, is missing relentless torment.Broken, fragmented, bleeding.Are past life breakthrough, only to leave this life injuries?Love on the Sansei stone, is child’s play?Or are we not sincere?No, that was my own bone marrow to writing with the edge!  Sleeping fish can not hear the other side of the happiness of heaven, so I can not sleep, eager to always be with you side.Inspired by the other side of vanilla, tears are streaming has become the forgotten Rivera.Lethe, really forget?Bowl cure my drink, but can not forget your word or two!  This life, let me have your memory with a die, should you come to my grave, please take my favorite Yan Zhilei with me drunk again!

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