Innovation requires culture

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The popularity of Apple’s mobile phone has also made people know Jobs. People attribute the great success of Apple’s mobile phone innovation to Jobs personally, and a city has set aside huge amounts of money to prepare for mass production of Jobs.. Apple’s success is a collective action. Innovation is not a matter of personal brain – beating. Jobs and Apple are not isolated phenomena, but are related to their cultural environment..     The relationship between innovation and culture is obvious from the animation of China, Japan and the United States. In the early days of China’s opening up to the outside world, Japan’s animation was the world’s participation in ” salted egg superman” ( Altman ), etc., which was deeply loved by children. the characteristics of Japan’s animation always had great disasters, and superman came to rescue them.. Japan is an island country with frequent natural disasters. The Japanese have a strong sense of crisis and desire superman to protect them from the heart.. American anime has an extraordinary imagination from participating in Donald Duck’s ” Cat and Mouse Regulations” to participating in the Kung Fu Panda Regulations series in recent years, and is generally cheerful and relaxed.. The roughness and carelessness of the Chinese people in doing things have been vividly demonstrated in Chinese animation, and the painting of characters and the construction of story plots appear fast and unadorned everywhere, basically without central ideas and values.. It is obvious that the animation products of various countries bear a deep cultural imprint on their own countries.     Lin Yutang praised Li Liweng’s invention in the late Ming Dynasty in his book ” Art Regulations for Participation in Life”. The first thing he admired was ” Fan Window”, which is still very common in Jiangnan gardens today.. There are paintings and calligraphy in the folding fan sector in China. Some people take collecting fan paintings as their hobby. Li Liweng broke the monotony of the square windows and invented the’ fan window’, opening fan windows on the walls or cabins. The characters and scenery outside the windows are all dynamic fan paintings, according to Li Liweng’s own statement: ” If you sit and watch, the window is not a window, and the painting is also’. Li Liweng also invented a kind of’ warm chair’, in which a fire cabinet is placed under the bench, with movable wooden frames on both sides of the chair and wooden boards as the table. This multifunctional warm chair can be changed into a warm table at any time, and the sedan chair can be changed into a water tank in summer.. Li Liweng is versatile, integrating dramatists, musicians, costume designers, cosmetologists and inventors.. He invented many things in his life, and he was able to observe the perception and needs of the human body in detail, so his invention focused on the whole environment related to the human body and discovered the most primitive needs of human beings.. Li Liweng is a man who knows the art of life well. His participation in casual posting shows his broad artistic interests and unique views on life. His participation in the regulations of the housing department and the regulations of the equipment department in the book reflects his thoughts and ideas on interior decoration and furniture display design: ” The room is expensive, elegant, novel and elegant, and not expensive, delicate and romantic.”. ‘ is still shining brilliantly. The ” fan window” he invented was based on his profound artistic skills, while the multifunctional ” warm chair” could not be made without a certain interest in life..     Innovation does not lie in the high-tech core technology, but rather in the market value. Apple’s success lies in the classic appearance and friendly customer experience design, which cannot be achieved without the spirit of continuous improvement and full understanding of the user’s experience. This spirit and respect for the user originates from cultural traditions.. Cai Yuanpei strongly advocated aesthetic education, but so far our aesthetic education is insufficient, and we lack aesthetic education in our cultural genes. Our country is still in the primary stage of the market economy, the market legal environment is not sound, fake and shoddy products and intellectual property infringement are prohibited, which does not have a substantial incentive effect on enterprise innovation. Under the current market environment, enterprises can only pursue short-term benefits of short-term peace and speed.. China’s basic education has degenerated into examination-oriented education, while higher education pays too much attention to professional division of labor and ignores general cultural basic education, which limits students to their major without Li Liweng’s extensive knowledge and life interest. It is unrealistic to expect them to make classic ” fan window” and apple mobile phones..     Attaching importance to innovation cannot stop at slogans and simple financial incentives, but also needs to be examined at a deeper level.. Innovation is not a purely technical issue, and the quality of innovation achievements is directly related to the cultural heritage. Therefore, we should systematically look at innovation and pay attention to professional and technical education while not neglecting the creation of cultural heritage..     Author: Wang Yu wrote in Beijing in October 2014

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