The tenth anniversary!Rockets 22-game winning streak lineup went so far as to track a person in the array

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  Beijing March 17 news, a decade ago, the Houston Rockets made history, they played 22-game winning streak the longest in team history, after ten years, then those who make history, but also in what they do?  Beijing time on January 30, 2008 to March 17, 2008, a rocket hit a wave of 22-game winning streak, although eventually lost to the Boston Celtics, but played without being optimistic about the great record or exciting。 22-game winning streak in NBA history ranked fourth longest streak in the first three were in 1972, the Los Angeles Lakers 33-game winning streak, 2013 Miami Heat's 27-game winning streak, 2016 Golden State Warriors 24-game winning streak。 It is worth mentioning that, when the Rockets lineup is not perfect, the team strength is very general, Rockets 22-game winning streak is the result of the uniqueness of cohesion, is a miracle of basketball team。   1, Tracy McGrady is the biggest player in the 22-game winning streak, he missed only one game。 Although McGrady data during the 22-game winning streak is not particularly rosy, but he was in the case of Yao Ming's absence, the core of the team as well, the combination of the strength of the team, NBA heavyweights deserved generation。
Now, McGrady has retired, often participate in various television events, it seems willing to change jobs when the commentary。   2, Yao Yao Truce half injury after 22 straight, not completely played journey tour。
2011 Yao Ming retired in 2016 he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and now Yao Ming is the Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, campaigned for the Chinese basketball continue。
  3, Luis – Luis Scola Scola is an important contributor to the Rockets 22-game winning streak, but also the main general。 In 2012, the Rockets Scola was amnesty, then removed from the league for a few years, but too old, he eventually left the NBA, but now they look like a duck in the CBA。   4, Sean – Shane Battier is also a major contributor to the Rockets 22-game winning streak, the Rockets He was the top perimeter defender。
Later, Shane Battier rocket from left to win the Heat completed a dream。
Battier is now vice chairman of the Miami Heat basketball development department。
It is reported that Shane seems to have political dreams。
  5, Musharraf – the Alstom Alstom is the year the Rockets point guard, a street ball out of the training techniques make him a single break tight, time-consuming ball players, the final battle in a 22-game winning streak of the year Alston single field 31 points under the H。 Alstom still live in Houston, and he currently serves as a scout Minnesota。
  6, Dikembe – Dikembe Mutombo Dikembe Mutombo's age is a mystery, after the injured Yao Ming, Dikembe Mutombo is propped up inside the rocket。
Mutombo was probably almost 50 years old but still hale and hearty。 Mutombo had now retired to become a philanthropist for the promotion of human and basketball。   7, Carl – Landry Rand in the year or a little rookie, but later with excellent athletic ability to become an integral part of the rocket inside a strong complement。 However, because the body is very short, Landry did not get much development in the NBA, were removed from the Hornets, Kings and several teams, he came to the CBA。   8, Chuck – Chuck Hayes Hayes is the Board Secretary Rockets fans favorite characters, he is not only a solid defense, strong rebounding, free throws also a must。 Board Secretary Rockets played seven years after Yao retired he was still playing, and finally too old to be sent to the Raptors。
After retiring, Hayes still in effect for the Rockets, the Rockets as a scout。
  9, Aaron – Brooks small black beans Brooks was on the rookie, but his speed and style of play is different with the general guard。
Brooks eventually overwhelm the competition Alstom, but his height was limited his development, after many teams were removed, Brooks came to the CBA, but he was different and the general veteran, he can return to power by virtue of NBA, this season, he was in effect for the Timberwolves。
  10, Barry Bonds – Will Swift Falls was the year of the rocket sum dazzling signings, but the results did not meet expectations。
Later, Wells actually became the first true sense of the introduction of the CBA big foreign aid。   11, Luther – Hyde Hyde is important then rocket off the bench, although his shot selection is a problem, the hit rate is poor, but full of skill and fighting spirit is worthy of recognition。
Hyde left the Rockets in 2009, 11 years left the NBA, Hyde has also joined the CBA, but a sprained ankle in training, so eventually abandoned。
Now Hyde occasionally participate in some activities related to China's basketball。   12, Steve – Novak Novak though not very good in the NBA, but he is still very popular in the United States, he is James – Harden childhood idol。
Novak then went to Milwaukee, the Bucks and retired, is now an employee of Fox Sports, as the Bucks game commentator。   13, Bobby Jackson – Jackson in mid-2009 when it retired, he joined the Rockets had not the pinnacle。 After retiring, seeking copies of Jackson's King errand, and he hopes to transition to become a coach。   14 – Mike Harris Harris fame in China than in most of the United States, during the Rockets, he was just the edge of the bench who。
In China, he is a great God CBA generation, wind because the ball round, especially for foreign aid CBA grabbed fit the requirements, he is very good in the teams of the effectiveness of performance, but also became the CBA dunk king。   15, Gerald – Green Green during the 22-game winning streak for the Rockets played only one game, and later in order to give Mike – Harris Teng position, Green was laid off a rocket, although Green but had also joined the CBA, but he also insisted in the NBA mixed, constantly looking for opportunities to play, and now he finally succeeded。
Now Green is the only experienced the Yao and McGrady 22-game winning streak and 17-game winning streak of the players bulb。   16, Kirk – Snyder Snyder strong, brave, good defense, but not very good shots, the Rockets that year, Snyder just substitute it。 In 2008, Snyder joined the CBA, played for the Zhejiang men's basketball, or CBA in scoring that year。 But Snyder played only one year returned to the United States, and because trespassing and violent crime have been arrested in the United States。
  (Cushions da)。

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