A bitter agreement

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In the hot and dry summer, I took the book I had written and published and paced back and forth in my home.. A thousand words welled up in my heart, and after three years of hard work, I finally felt a little relieved.! Just then, the daughter came hurrying along with her red admission notice.. My TV – loving daughter suddenly approached me mysteriously with her mouth close to my ears and whispered,’ Dad! We have a three-year agreement that whoever fails to achieve it is a dog and a coward! Knock him ( her ) on the spine and ask him ( her ) to lift his head forever!     I looked at my daughter’s serious form with a face of confusion at a loss. Daughter solemnly stretched out her small hand and decided to pull the hook and seal it.. Daughter quietly said the bitter agreement, with an air on her face!     ‘ dong dong dong! Knocking and Knocking”! At first it was bright, who knocked on the door of my bedroom like a drum. I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and suddenly remembered the agreement! I jumped up, quickly opened the door and washed, trotted out of the room behind my daughter and started a half-hour morning exercise.. The sun rises from the eastern Ran Ran glowing with rosy clouds, showing a smiling face of surprise. The golden light stung me all over.. The birds chirping and chirping danced briskly in the treetops, ” Wang Wang” and ” Wang Wang” ran back and forth beside me. The daughter in the green sportswear shakes her hair with a red ribbon behind her head and occasionally smiles back at me for running with a stereo. My daughter’s cell phone rings, which is the alarm time point! We had to run back. Back to the bedroom desk, gently pushed open the window and let the cool morning breeze caress the sweat on my forehead.. Lang Lang’s voice floated from the top of the building and his clever daughter was reading in the morning. The excited warm current poured into my heart and I grabbed the skilled brush brush to write it . Ah, the evening mist drifted away, and my daughter came home from school excitedly told me that her first year of military training in class was a model for the whole grade. Her composition became a model for the whole school, and the title of monitor lost in the third grade returned to her.. She spoke very cheerfully, and my back seemed to have a heavy cone poking at it. My wife sent a signal for dinner, and my daughter and I went to dinner together. After dinner, take a walk with your wife and daughter, have a chat and go back to your room to guard the agreement.! My wife came in smiling with a cross stitch. She wanted to embroider an eagle flying with wings to encourage us. She saw me frown, start a pen and meditate, and quietly sat down and bowed their heads and work..     The long-awaited Sunday came in Shanshan. Neighbors were calling. Poker mahjong cards were placed at several tables.. My hands itch, I can’t help temptation, eager to try. My daughter came, flashing her eyes and asking me’ exercise books’! My whole body ” shrinks” for a moment and walks into the bedroom full of bitterness, as if holding a hot heart for her to check. I would like to invite my daughter to relax on Sunday and take a walk in the street. The daughter insisted on self-regulation and declined politely! I had to hurry down the stairs and walk alone into the park, hoping to wash the anguish in my chest for a long time.. After a long absence, the park has taken on a new look: lotus clusters, especially enchanting; The path is faint and encircles the winding pool. Fish play in the pool, sometimes under the lotus leaf, sometimes chasing tourists; The new pavilion next to the pool, with groups of people in the pavilion, talks about the past and the present. The old man next to the pavilion is free to fish and his beard is fluttering. Some people in front of the pavilion are shouting’ sell when you should, enjoy when you should’! My heart is in a state of ups and downs, which resonates with me, slamming with stones and hitting a thousand layers of waves with one stone.. Suddenly remind of her daughter’s agreement, I with a wry smile. I can’t break my promise, let alone break my promise to the next generation! I quickly went home, pushed the door and looked at my daughter, who was clinging to her desk. I walked briskly to my desk.     Time flies, the sun and the moon reincarnate, streets and alleys are decorated with lanterns, gongs and drums are played, firecrackers are played, and festive festivals are filled with costumes. The holiday daughter prepared early, chirping like a tittle, pulling my hand and skipping to enjoy the Daqing of the Republic. She seems to have changed her personality: she went into the old crowd and danced the yangko. Get into the youth team and dance in the street. The students who were active in the spontaneous organization shouted with arms. I’m dazzled by this and I don’t want to answer it. I wish she had forgotten the agreement of grinding people.. My daughter saw my thoughts and pointed cunningly at the five-star red flag waving in the wind and said the names of Liu Hulan, Jiang Jie, Qiu Shaoyun, Lei Feng, Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen … Ah, a lot of people and smiled at me: ” See you under the stage.”! Instantly disappeared in the vast sea of people. I don’t know what to do with the two monks..     On the stage, a descendant of the old Red Army told the story of the Red Army’s Long March with tears in his eyes.. My daughter took two books and shook them in the crowd and waved to me.I struggled to squeeze past, hot sweat drenched. The daughter said that the two books were issued by the leader sitting in the middle on the stage.. My cursory review is a wonderful book for modern people to love their motherland, learn from their ancestors, build their ideals, set their beliefs, overcome obstacles, cast great tools and challenge the new century.. I understood why.     In the cold, the wind howled. I can’t wait to hide in the hot bed after I’ve passed the doubt. I look at my frozen hand and feel rather disconsolate.. If I can sit at ease, I may look for trouble, have infinite bitterness, and regret not having an appointment with my daughter at the beginning.! Work hard, support hard, and be lonely. Often dragged the tired body, the old cow pulled the broken car, hurt his brain and took pains. I was thinking hard, and my daughter knocked at the door again, banging on the mountain: ” Coward.”! Slacker! New Year’s Day is coming soon! Words don’t count?! I think of what my daughter said and her two books like a dream. I can’t sleep, can’t sink, more can’t fall! I struggled to get up, perked up, displayed manly demeanor again, picked up a clumsy pen . Ah, the hot and dry summer, I took up the book I had written and published, and paced back and forth in the home.. A thousand words welled up in my heart, and after three years of hard work, I finally felt a little relieved.! Just then, my daughter came hurrying along with her red admission notice and held it high in front of me with a charming smile. The proud form resembles a happy lark.. My daughter went to a key university! As expected. Our bitter agreement has come true!     I look in the mirror, feel the deep wrinkles around my eyes, look at the bald head with premature white hair, turn over my favorite books, recall the days of my painstaking efforts and the days of leisure time, and think hard … ” Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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